Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sherlock and Watson

My coordinator was back today, just one day out of the hospital. She is feeling better but very weak. She doesn't have time to be sick as she has so much to do. I'm in court next week and there is another lady arriving next week. Nastya needs a holiday, too bad she was sick in hospital for this past 4 day holiday.

I got a little longer at the baby house this morning as my driver and coordinator were off being Sherlock and Watson. They were off to find MLM's birth mother as she must appear in court to confirm her intention of releasing MLM. Here in Kaz the actual letter she writes states that she is refusing him. Her original letter was written just over a month ago, so she must appear in court. After my visit they said that they'd found the right address but that the girl wasn't there, they'll have to go back this evening.

I mentioned to Yulia that it was very quiet in my son's area lately, and that I haven't seen some of the bigger children. She asked and learned that 3 of the children have left to join their parents so there are only 5 children left. The remaining girl's parent are suppose to be coming for her soon too. When one of my friends was collecting their child last week they were told that there are only 80 children in the entire baby house at the moment. Yulia was also telling me that her husband's cousin just adopted his second child from the baby house. I had heard that domestic adoptions are very much increased.

MLM was very happy to see me and we had a lot of fun looking out the window, drinking juice and water and just playing. He seemed a bit tired though. He kept asking to be put into one of the cribs that are kept in the isolation room. As soon as I would put him down in the cot he would lie down and pretend to sleep. I'm sure if I left him he would have fallen asleep. I wouldn't let him though as it would totally screw up his afternoon nap, and then I'd get in trouble and so far I've never been told off. I'm trying to keep that record. So I'd make MLM get up and then he'd move around the crib as if he were a baby. He is a delight to watch.

MLM loves to play being a baby. He likes me to cradle and sing to him. I am very happy to oblige him in playing that game. He is such a cute little guy. Oh, did I mention he's had another hair cut. I wasn't certain as it hadn't grown all that much since the last time, but sure enough I saw one of the other boys and confirmed it for me.

Yulia was sitting in by the cubbies waiting for me when the doctor came into the group area. The doctor was very upset to see Yulia because supposedly all visits had been canceled because of the count. I'm not sure what count that would be. I was wondering if it was an end of year thing or something new with the new director. The doctor said we were suppose to check in with the secretary. Well, I haven't done that since the 3rd of December. On the 3rd we were told that I wasn't to use the front door anymore, I was to use the door that lead to MLM's group. So my poor coordinator has to call the doctor and find out what is going on and if I can visit tomorrow. We were hoping that I'd be allowed to have longer visits this week not thinking that my visit would be canceled completely.

I've sent the change of travel request to my agency's travel agent. On Mondays and Wednesdays there is a flight leaving at 9:50 am arriving in Almaty at 1:45 pm, then on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the flight is from 10:30 pm arriving the next morning at 2:25. I barely saw anything of Almaty the last time, so I've asked my agent to book me on the Monday. Then I've asked her to book me on the flights home to Canada on the Friday. I don't really plan to spend a week in Almaty. Once I've reached Almaty, I can then go to Luftansa and find out about changing my tickets. It is just way too easy to have flights from Uralsk delayed, canceled or rerouted, I want to be prepared.

Today Kendra and I just went for a walk. I think the really expensive pizza and mineral water of yesterday was just too much for us. Actually, we walked in the blowing snow to the Univegmag or Tropicana mall yesterday, and after doing a bit of shopping stopped at the Tropicana restaurant for a snack. We had a Margarita pizza and 2 500ml bottles of mineral water and the total came to less than $7 for the two of us. For the most part it is difficult to spend a lot at most restaurants for a meal. Today was a lovely day with bright sunshine and much warmer than yesterday so we just walked a very long block. Kendra's daughter enjoyed it to the very end. Then I walked home stopping at the Locomka store to buy a bread knife, a sieve and some more of those lovely baked goods. The ladies at the store are beginning to know me and I can actually get them to crack their expressionless faces into smiles. I think they find my antics trying to show them what I want very funny.

Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring, until then Paka pak


Anonymous said...

Michele, I hope your plans work out and you are able to spend a little bit of time in Almaty. It's a very pretty city surrounded by beautiful mountains. I got stranded there for 2days last January (thanks to flight cancellations) and saw just a little bit of it. I was quite impressed. It's quite western compared to the other cities in Kaz. While I was there, I stumbled across one of the most impressive spas this spa girl has ever seen! (My biggest regret is that I didn't get a daypass and hang out there.) Anyway, happy travels!

Diane said...

If you get a chance in Almaty, head up to the mountian, it is beautiful!!! Cold but beautiful!

Sorry you are not getting much time with MLM, that's really tough for both of you, I hope your visit time increases soon. Have you started writing your court speech yet?

Anonymous said...

20 minutes must be sheer torture for you both!! At least you get to see him and it is just a few days till court. Since I have been telling Izak about Diane, Ciera and Tienna he wants a sibling. Thanks guys! now that I am too old he wants a sibling!