Monday, December 20, 2010

A Light Dusting of Snow

We had a very light dusting of snow this morning, but it is colder. Right now it is -9C and the wind is between 20 to 30 km/hr. On my way to and from the baby house this morning we saw about 3 fender benders and one 3 car accident. Yup, people around the world drive the same in bad weather, poorly and too close to the car in front.

MLM was playing with one of his groupmates this morning when I arrived. They were sitting in a wooden bus and sticking their heads in and out of the windows saying 'coo-coo'. It was cute to see. I called his name and he was so happy to see me he came tumbling out of the bus. His nanny made him put the toy he'd been playing with away before he came to me.

We were in the isolation room today for our visit as the classroom was being used for the other students lessons. I showed MLM the falling snow, like any child he was fascinated. I look forward to having him home and taking him outside to play in the snow.

After the look out the window it was time for his snack and juice. He won't use the sippy cup any more, he insists on using the cup. I guess you can't really battle with what he does everyday. What is funny is I bring a facecloth to help keep him clean. When he insists on drinking right from the cup, I tuck the facecloth under his chin. Today he tucked the facecloth under his chin and then tried to take the lid off the sippy cup.

During our visit his favourite nanny came in to the room to give MLM a cookie. I can tell she really loves and cares for MLM. She saw the picture book that MLM just loves to look at. She really liked the book. She then bent down to MLM and tried to get him to say some of the words in Russian. He would only say the word for baby which is lala. Then she would say a word and he would point to the picture. I motioned to her that he knows words but won't say them, she nodded yes. And then she rubbed his head and gave him kiss, and then asked him for a kiss. I've liked her from the first day. I know from one of the other nannies that MLM is one of their favourites because he is such a good little boy.

All to soon it was time to leave. As soon as he sees me starting to pack up he begins to cry and hold on to me as hard as he can. I carry him back to the playroom and say paka. All the other children say paka to me, and then I duck out as fast as possible. I can usually hear him crying as I walk around the outside of the building to the car. It just breaks my heart.

This afternoon I'll walk over to Kendra's apartment and we will walk to the malls near her place. It is always nice to have something to do.

Yesterday my translator and I were exchanging posts on Facebook. It was fun. I know she enjoyed using her English skills.

Paka paka


russalka said...

Why they give you only 30 min? Is it a rule and how they explain it?

Alcibiades said...

Ah yes, to learn how to play in the snow. Of your kindness, please also teach little MLM how to shovel the snow. LOL