Monday, December 6, 2010

Identifying Bumps in the Night

Well, technically I guess you would actually say it wasn't alwasy the night time, but as the sun doesn't start to come up in the morning until about 9:30 and goes down around 5:30 it feels like night. I kept hearing this heavy metal banging sound. It wasn't consistent Some nights I'd hear it over and over again, and other nights I'd never seem to hear it. This morning it finally dawned on me what the noise was, it's the front metal door to my apartment building. During the rest of the day the ambient noise means I don't hear the door closing, but in the quiet of night time I do. Thought I'd share that amazing discovery with you all. LOL
I had another short visit with MLM yesterday. He is ever so cute and loves to tease and be silly. The director of the baby house came into the music room where I was bonding with MLM as they are putting up a large frame and needed to discuss the proper location. As I didn't think I'd have much fun with the crew putting up the big frame of Kazakhstan flag, emblem and national anthem, I decided we'd go back upstairs even though I had a minute of two left.
We arrived into MLM's area to find his friends dressing for outside. The staff said if I was staying I could take MLM outside too. Yipee!, So my translator and I helped the little ones get dressed and outside we went. The temperature is just below freezing. When we were outside, we met up with the other children who used to be in MLM room at the other baby house (now he only has 7 or 8 room mates, as apposed to the 12 to 16 (I could never count them, they were so active). At this baby house they are in different areas. We walked around the baby house twice, with their teacher talking about what they say on the ground (cones, ice, etc). Then we went to a playground that families donated to the baby house back in 2004. It is one of those lovely plastic and metal climbers with slides and bridges. The children loved playing on it. As they moved to the other baby house back in March or April, for most of the children this would be their first time using it. Pros, every single one of them.
MLM stayed with me the entire walk, holding my hand and enjoying himself. When his friends went onto the playground, I encouraged him to play too. He would go, do something and come flying back to me. If he went away from me, he kept checking to make sure I was there. I think we are becoming attached to each other.
At the end of the time outside, I decided to hurry back to the room to help him undress, so I could say goodbye as his friends returned. It is getting harder and harder to say goodbye as he cries every time. As my translator and I walked back to the car, we passed by his room and I could still hear him crying. Poor little guy.
Today, my Tuesday, I hope to finally get to the notary to sign the forms to apply to court to adopt this little guy. Later this week I should hear when I get to go to court. Keep praying it is before the 28th, otherwise I'm going to have to re-re-book my flights and that will cost more money.
Bye for now,


Baby Kaz Moore said...

So glad to read that all is going well. Wishing you warm (literally and figurately) wishes. Susan

Kaz traveler said...

It's great to hear how your little guy loves your attention. You sound like you're having a wonderful time there. I'm so happy for you! Diane

Diane said...

Ah so sweet that he checks back for you, a great sign of attaching!
I was surprised to hear they take the kiddies out when it's so cold out, it's great but surprising!

Enjoy, and my fingers and toes are crossed for a court date before the 28th!

Diane, Ciera and Tienna