Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kaz Mommies Take Over Canada's Wonderland

The only place XuiZhu really wanted to go in Toronto was Canada's Wonderland, and she made it not once but twice the week she was here.

Here are all the Kaz Mommies. Maybe one day I'll try and get everyone's attention before I take a picture. But we were just too busy talking, laughing, and watching the kiddies to pose for photos.

And here are the kiddies. XuiZhu, who was hamming it up for the photo, and Ciera were trapped in the airplane ride until the ride attendant came and unlocked their seat belts. Yeah, it was the best chance to get their picture.

Alex enjoyed a graham cookie while we stood in line for another ride.

And Dastan found the buggy was a perfect toy for him.

As darkness fell and the park and all it's rides began to close, the children found a new ride. It didn't go as fast or as far as the park rides, but they enjoyed it.
Alex was already totally tuckered out and slept through the later part of the evening, though, it memory serves me, poor Loretta and Alex were up to way past 2 that morning and the following day was a work day for Loretta.

As we left the park, Loretta and talked about getting season passes next summer. The park is a fun place to spend an evening. And it doesn't have to be an expensive place to spend a couple of hours, as long as you eat elsewhere and don't buy any anything.

Summer Memories

I finally found the cable for my camera, oh, and I found my camera. So I'm going to post some of the pictures I took during the summer.

Dastan and Alex enjoyed ice cream cones while we were at IKEA in August. XuiZhu didn't make it into any of my photos that day as she was having WAY too much fun in the IKEA play center.

Loretta,(Alex's mom) Sheila and Clarence (Dastan and XuiZhu's parents) met on their way to Uralsk last September. Their experiences and stories of Uralsk are one of the reasons I want to go to Uralsk myself. The other two have ice cream all over the faces in these pictures. LOL

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Luck to A and L and L and A!

A and L, a couple I met at a waiting families session, are off this weekend to Uralsk. There they will be meeting with officials early next week and most importantly their son/daughter. I'm not sure, but I think A said they will be meeting a 2 year old boy. I got a chance to speak to A on Saturday and she was ever so excited. After what seems like a never ending wait, the LOI came and they are off for 3 months in Kazakhstan. Good luck and God bless you both.

Their paperwork left Canada in February, I think. Hmmmm, so let's start the traditional "If their dossier was there then, then I should hear sometime around ..." game. Actually, I don't like the figures with this math, because that would make my LOI coming in March. I like the dream of travelling in January or February. Absolutely desire spending January and February in Kazakhstan. I LOVE our Canadian winter and would love to experience a Kazakh winter.

Another family (L and A, not to be confused with the above A and L, got it????) received their LOI, no sorry, they got the call that their LOI is ready for them. The call came on Friday and they were told they will be traveling in the next couple of weeks. We asked L when her dossier went to Kazakhstan and she thought it was in May. Well, Diane and I know very well that it wasn't in May because nothing went to the embassy in May. You might remember that we had hoped to have our dossier go to the embassy in April, but they didn't but we did learn that our files were each number 1 going to the the different regions (mine for Almaty/Uralsk and Diane's for Karaganda), and then we had to wait until mid June before they FINALLY got there, so we know! Therefore it must have gone in April or maybe even March. Can you believe forget such an insignificant point as when your dossier went to Kaz???? How can I play the 'When will my LOI come?' if I don't have the relevant information. LOL

I saw A and L and L and A on Saturday at our 3rd Annual Republic Day celebration. It was wonderful to be with all our Kazakh family. I'll try to post some photos tomorrow. We had 13 Kazakh cuties at the party ranging from a 5 year old to a 14 month old. We rent a lawn bowling club which is a great place for our parties. There's room for the kids to run, play ball, ride toys and have fun. This year, many of the children enjoyed making crafts at the craft table. That was a surprise to Diane and I, because we thought there would be no one at that table this year.

The party is a pot luck and we try our hand at traditional Kazakh foods. It is fun to try out a recipe from the internet. I did Samsa last year, and meant to try some kind of dessert this year, but it was too hectic of a week. So I made my staple of Kazakh Chai tea with cardamon and fennel seeds. I think it tastes yummy.

Diane, Loretta and I are already trying to pin down the date for our next party which is Nauryz in March. With both Diane and I waiting for LOI's we figured it would be best to have everything in place as early as possible. I also wanted to get the date posted as early as possible as Canakaz members outside the GTA might want to attend. Sheila and family hope to come from New Brunswick, so she needs the dates to get the best possible seat sale prices available, right Sheila?????

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day

It is Thanksgiving Day and I am thankful for every so many things.

My brother and sister, and my extended family.
I have a job I love and wonderful co-workers.
My circle of friends has grown to include Kazakhstan AP and PAP.
I have new 'sisters' who are there every step of this journey to parenthood.
My file is in Kazakhstan and I'm waiting for my LOI.

My brother, sister and I have a tradition started when my mother was alive, where we go to the local Pioneer Village for Thanksgiving dinner. We've carried on the tradition since Mum's passing. (Oh, and I'm thankful I didn't have to cook or clean up after Thanksgiving dinner. - my mother didn't raise a fool!)

Last year the weather was warm and mild. We had a delightful lunch and enjoyed our walk around the village.

This year it was very cool, in fact we became very cold walking around after lunch. We were thankful for winter coats and hats.

We had a delightful time, however as we sat in the dining room, I could help but think that last year I was certain we'd be sharing our meal with a little person. As we ate dinner I told my brother that I'm 99 per cent sure that NEXT year, I will have a little person at the table.

Come on LOI, coming to mummy to be!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Waiting

When my file went to Kazakhstan in June, I thought I'd be traveling by the end of 4 months. Well, 4 months have passed and I've not heard a thing. It is hard waiting, and even harder to get myself to do the things I should do before I travel. (Do you REALLY need to put together a crib before traveling??????)

Now on the good side of not traveling yet, and yes there is a good side, I put my back out on the Labour Day Weekend. It was one of those really stupid things. I was standing in the kitchen of my cousin's cottage just talking while leaning against the sink, when the rug under my feet moved forward. I didn't fall (though many friends have said maybe a fall would have been I felt okay then, but a little while later my back was ever so sore.

The next day I had to drive myself home, which on the Monday of the long weekend became a 3 hour odessy, and then back to work. It really isn't in the cards calling in sick the day after Labour day when you've been on holiday for the past 2 months, eh?????

Slowly, very slowly my back has been healling. It probably would have healed faster if I'd taken some time off work, but I want to keep that for when I'm in Kazakhstan. So, I keep waiting. If only I knew when I might be traveling, then I could procrastinate with greater accuracy.LOL