Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When oh when will I travel

I have to tell my boss when I most likely be travelling to Kazakhstan. But how in the world am I suppose to know. I called my agency last week and heard that I was 4th in line for the translator, and then today I heard my friend is 5 in line to go to the Embassy. Does that put me 10th in line?????? If her dossier is going to the Embassy at the end of March, does that mean mine goes at the end of April or towards the end of May. I though it could be April that my paperwork would be going to Kazakhstan and I could be travelling in August or September. Now I'm thinking my paperwork could be going in May or June so that I could be travelling in October or November.
Oh when oh when will I be travelling??????

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Play Dates

It's play date time again!
Carrie is having a get together at her house to meet Alex. It will be Carrie and Aimee, Diane and Ciera, Sandy and Maggie, Loretta and Alex and me.
I do love our get togethers. I've learned so much about the adoption process, those first few days with a new child, the first few weeks home, trying to find day care etc., etc.. Talking with all the mommies is the best, realist education, books just can't give you the same time, amount of information.
And then there are the children. The children are wonderful, and it is great to spend time with them, watching them grow. Every time I see Alex I can't believe how much he has changed.
But, I do wish my turn would hurry up and I could go on one of our outings with my own little one. It is hard, but this is a group that truly knows what I'm going through. Still, I do feel unconnected, no that's not the right word, removed maybe at times. It as though I'm trying so hard to know what it feels like, but suddenly everyone in the room has started talking in a different language or I've gone into a bubble. I can hear the conversation but I don't actually hear it. As suddenly as it occurs, it goes and I'm back in the swing.
I thought the last few years, since I decided to adopt and began all the different steps to getting here were hard. Knowing all my work is done, and that it is out of my hands and the true waiting has begun is the hardest step of all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Step Forward

I was beginning to think my file would never get out of the Notary. I sent an email to my agency to find out how much longer it might be at the Notary and's already back from Foreign Affairs. Yahoo.
Today I called the agency because I needed to know if I would be around in the summer so I could sign up to teach a summer institute. I learned my file should be going to the translator today making it one of 4 with the translator. I'm guessing it would take about a week for the translation to be done, so let say it gets back to the agency in March. Some time with the Embassy and then off to Kazakhstan. I'd say I should be receiving my letter of invitation sometime in the fall. So,yes I can teach a couple of summer institutes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Together with Diane and Loretta

Sunday afternoon I went to Loretta's home for a get together with Diane. Loretta's mom and her new son, Alex were there, and Diane of course brought Ciera, and I brought my sister Kathryn. We enjoyed the winter sunshine sitting in Loretta's kitchen, eating the wonderful soup Loretta's mom made for us.

I enjoyed hearing Ciera trying to figure out who everyone was and how they were related. She wanted to know which car we belong to, and of course who was Alex's dad. The mind of a little one is a incredible. Wouldn't it be excellent to be able to go inside their brains and find out exactly what they are thinking at any one time.

Loretta took us for a tour of her beautiful 100 year old home. It is an incredible place. And I love how Loretta has decorated it. When we were going for the tour, I asked my sister if she wanted to go for the tour too. She's still got the very swollen foot from breaking it a couple of weeks ago, so I wasn't sure if she wanted to walk around the house, but she was very happy to join in the tour. After the third room, Kathryn got into the swing of things and started telling me that everything was beautiful. Okay, that's another mind I'd LOVE to be able to get into.

I can't believe how time flew, we arrived around noon, and we finally said goodbye and got out on the road after 5. It was simply a beautiful day and wonderful people to spend the day with. I realized on the drive home that I'd never make it back to Kathryn's group home in time to get her to dinner, so I took her to McDonald's. Boy did she enjoy that.

When we got back to her group home she JUST wanted to go to bed, but I wanted her to stay up until her 7:30 medication. As soon as she'd had her medicine, I took her downstairs and put her to bed. I staightened up her room after putting her into bed, maybe about 5 minutes, and when I went to give her a kiss, she was already asleep. That's my party animal.

Kathryn was totally taken with Loretta's mother. She spent a good part of the day looking at Mrs. B and trying to get Mrs. B's attention. She enjoyed watching Ciera and Alex and didn't seem to mind them at all. At one point, Ciera was leaning against Kathryn and Kathryn just looked down at her.

All in all a great day. I look forward to many more of these get togethers. Our extended Kazakstan family.