Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Social Life

Another day without a visit to MLM, but boy have I been busy. First this morning L and A and their boys dropped by my apartment to drop off a bag of items for me to bring to the baby house, they are off to Almaty tonight where they will stay until their little guy's passport and visa are done. I walked back with them and said goodbye for now on a street corner. It was lovely having them here, and we'll talk using Skype while they are in Almaty.

Then I walked over to Kendra's apartment. I go to her apartment to help bring down the stroller, as it would be impossible to carry a 17 month old and a stroller down the 4 flights of stairs. Now we understand why we don't see so many strollers. Mother's carry their children in their arms. So scary when you see how slippy the sidewalks tend to be.

We then walked back to PizzaHot where we enjoyed a large pizza and a litre of warm coke. The first was yummy the second not so much, but we still drank the whole thing. Kendra's daughter ate and ate and ate, she is such a cuty.

After lunch we walked back to the Univart Mall, or the Tropicana mall (as that is the name of the restaurant/cafe). We went so that Kendra could buy lights for her little Christmas tree. She is more adventurous than me, as I haven't bothered to decorate my apartment. As we were walking into the mall I saw one of the ladies who works at the baby house. Uralsk has a population of 300 000 yet I've know seen both this lady and the director when I've been out and about. Talk small world eh!

Afterwards we walked back to her apartment and then I walked back to my apartment. I'm getting so comfortable with the layout of the city that I can take different roads going and coming from my apartment.

I was in luck yesterday and got to enjoy a beautiful firework display at the end of the concert at the city hall to celebrate Independence Day. I watched out my kitchen window. I do have an apartment in a great location.

Tomorrow I go back to the baby house. Unfortunately it is only for the 30 minutes. I look at it as 30 more minutes to get to know and build a relationship with this special little person. I'm so lucky to be with him for however many minutes a day. I'm hoping on Monday I get a longer visit.

To all my teaching friends I wish you a wonderful final day before the holidays. Enjoy the next 2 weeks and forget about the planning, marking, tests, students and all the other joys of teaching.

Paka paka

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