Monday, September 17, 2012

I No Wash My Hands

Denis keeps trying to talk his way out of having to wash his hands. He is always arguing that his hands aren't dirty, or that he washed them at day care (even on Saturday he'll use that excuse).

Tonight he was in the washroom with me and I told him to wash his hands and he started to argue that he couldn't wash his hands. I was just about to start my lecture when he said to me, "I'm a doggy, doggies don't have hands, they have paws. I have to wash my paws."

Can't argue with that.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Today we finally had Denis' baptism. I say finally because we have had a date multiple times, and then something has come up, or someone has come down with something and we've had to postpone and rebook. But finally everything was in place and all the essential players were hale and healthy.
It was a frantic morning for me though. I had to get Denis and myself and my brother out of the house and over to my sister's group home where I then had to get my sister dressed and out. And this had to be done so we could get to the church prior to 2 in the afternoon. I was so frantic, I just feared we'd be late for my son's baptism. We actually arrived at the church at 1:30, the final mass of the day hadn't finished when we pulled into the church parking lot.

I had only invited a few people for the day. Prior to meeting Denis, I'd dreamt of a very large baptism. But once I had Denis home I began to realize that life isn't so much about me and more about Denis and his needs. And then there is the reality that both my son and sister just need me, and I can't be there for both of them and host a huge celebration.

Denis was excited about the baptism, and excited meant running around. And I mean a ton of running around. Father came out to say we would be beginning in 2 minutes and suddenly Denis runs behind a large group of people coming into the church and he is gone. I was in a panic. The church vestibule was empty. He wasn't in the church. I motion to my brother to ask if Denis had run back to the pew where we were sitting, but no. Finally I heard him in the basement of the church. He had gone down the stairs and was waiting for the elevator to bring him upstairs.

During the baptism, Denis was loud. Screaming, talking, squirming and kicking the pew. With Denis there were 6 other children being baptised. 3 were wee tiny babies and three were older girls, but all of them were QUIET. It was overwhelming for Denis. We were also sitting in the front pew instead of our usual back pew, which totally confused Denis. But when it came to the important parts of the ceremony he was perfect. He was still and quiet for the annoiting and he truly enjoyed the actual baptising.

I had four favourite moments from the day. Denis asked me to dance at one point and insisted that we do a little waltz (at that point I'd do anything to keep him calm and quiet at that point). During a quiet moment, when Father was anointing all the children, Denis started screaming at his uncle that he couldn't hear what Uncle John was saying and could he speak louder. Just as I lifted Denis back up at the font from the baptism, my sister announced that it was time to go out and eat. And finally, at the end of the ceremony I was given the baptismal certificate, and Denis wanted to see what it said and I had to read it to him while he sat on his uncle's shoulder.

After the baptism we went to Montana's restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. It was Denis' first experience in a sit down restaurant. It was a wonderful experience. Denis had gifts to open and people to visit with. My sister enjoyed having lunch out at one of her favourite restaurants with sone of her favourite people. And my friends and family had a great time.

He was as good as gold for this, and this font is one of Denis' favourite things at our church.
Denis and his Godparents: my best friend Anna and my brother John
Myself, my sister Kathryn, Godmother Anna, Godfather Uncle John and Denis.
The most emotional point of the day was hearing Denis being baptised with both the names I'd chosen and the name his birth mother had chosen. At the beginning of the ceremony, we were asked what name we have chosen. Most parents mentioned one name. I said all three of his names, as it was so important to me to honour and remember his birth mother at this so very important occasion.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Summer Pictures

Celebrating Canada Day

Waiting for the fireworks with Uncle John

On his way to Dance Camp for Pirate day.

A super day at Canada's Wonderland with Alex. We arrived just before a thunderstorm and when the rides reopened the boys got on about 17 rides in just over an hour. 

First time on a beach. At Long Point Provincial Park
Playing in Lake Erie
Having a blast
Just a little sandy
First time flying a kite

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ask a Busy Person

You know that old adage that if you want something done, then ask a busy person. I'm guessing that it means you shouldn't ask me to do anything during the summer as I'm not busy enough. As proof positive, I offer this blog, 3 posts this week and prior to that June 27th, the last day I had students in class.

Driving, driving and driving away he will go.

At the CNE - money ripoff as I now call it.

First boat ride ever  in Muskoka at my cousin's cottage.

Trying to touch the water as we sped across the lake.
So what did I do for my summer vacation? Mostly I attended 20 different appointments, mostly medical for Denis, my sister and myself. A lot it turns out, here are some photos. I'll post more when I find the other camera disk.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

A friend of my brother's cleaned out her cottage and sent all her children's books to Denis. Among those books is a copy of Hansel and Gretel.

I've read that book many times. I've never been bothered by the story, that was until I brought Denis home. I read it now and I cringe as I read about the stepmother insisting that the children be abandoned in the forest. I keep trying to hide the book, but Denis seems to have a sixth sense about it and keeps finding the book.

Tonight, Denis 'found' the book again and had his uncle read the story to him. As my brother read, Denis pointed to the stepmother and asked who she was. When my brother explained who she was, Denis responded, "She not a mommy."

Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Thought On Waking

Denis usually falls asleep in his own bed. But every night at some time during the night he wakes, calls out to find me, and then comes into my bed. Usually when he comes he talks about a nightmare or a dream that woke him up. He definitely comes for comfort, and then, once reassured, he goes back to sleep.

This morning, he woke with 3 questions.

He had barely opened his eyes when he asked, "Mommy, do you love me?" I thought it a cute question and
I assured him that yes I did love him.

Then he asked if I was happy. I told him that yes I was happy. Finally, he asked if I was not angry. I was very bemused at this point and assured him that I was very happy and not at all angry.

He then said to me, "I wet your bed."