Friday, December 10, 2010

Part two

The last post was sent before I had a chance to proof read or for that matter finish.
As I was saying, time was over way too fast. I hate saying goodbye and he cries when I return him to his play room. I have to carry him into the room, I now walk well into the room, give him a hug and lots of kisses and then lay him on the floor and leave. He throws himself to the floor otherwise, so I figure I'll make it easy for him. Outside, as I walked past his room, I could see his roommates and we waved to each other.
On the way home my driver took me out for blinis and a cup of tea. It was really nice, he'd told me the week before that this restaurant made the best pancakes. They were delicious. We each received two blinis filled with a meat and onion mixture. As we ate we watched a documentary in Russian about the Winchester family, makers of the guns. Who knew they would have such a strange house.
I was back at my apartment at 11:30. I called Kendra, the lady from Montreal only to learn that her visit times had been moved back  to the afternoon, so we couldn't get together. And then I discovered that my internet was out. It wasn't even noon and I had nothing to do for the remainder of the day. It was a LONG day. I ended up watching many episodes of Charmed on my computer and finished knitting a shawl.
It's nearly 11 my time, and I need to go to bed. The water gets turned off every morning around 8, so if I want a shower I need to get up earlier.
Keep well everyone, paka paka.


Diane said...

ah the trials and challenges of life in Kaz, I miss it. Hey send me you cell phone # and I will call you when I am there next week, how cool will that be?!!

If I remember I will send you mine cell # just in case I don't get your email before I leave!

BONDFAN_31 said...

Hey Mich

How are you? Miss you lots?

I think i have seen that movie. Is the house haunted? Hope your knitting with yams is going well.

Love Christine

Nicole said...

Hey Michele! Your blog is amazing! It's so incredible of you to be so open about what the journey is like. The vivid portrait removes the mystery and forefronts the amazing experience this must be. It's important for others to understand the world of international adoption because there are just many unknowns of how all of this works. Thank you!
PS Love the pic of MLM! :)