Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Year's Light Festival Photos

These are the photos I took from my apartment last Friday during the Festival
  1. The view from my apartment at dusk
  2. The view just as the speaker was talking
  3. The view as the switch was thrown (hey, I take action photos here!)
  4. And then as my friend from knitting said "In Russia we have New Year as the main holiday. And it is Father Frost and his daughter Snegurochka (Snowgirl)Her mom is Spring:))))They are the main characters at the NYear festivals" Father Frost is responsible for all the presents children get on December 31st.
Ciao, actually, I don't know why I use Italian, Anna's influence I'm sure, I'm in Kazakhstan, from now on it is PakaPaka
Paka, paka!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michele
I just figured out how to post a comment here...jeez guess I really needed that training session. This weekend we are hoping to go to the Toronto Christmas Market you told us about. I'll report back and if it's good we'll have to take the boys next year. Sounds like all is going really well with MLM. Fingers crossed. I'm glad you had a fun adventure with Zhanar and you saw a few of the key spots. She sure was a life saver when I was there.
I didn't know you loved yams that much ....J is a hoot!!
Miss you lots.

Loretta and Alex and Christine too!!