Friday, December 10, 2010

Lack of Internet

I was off the internet for most of the last two days. It was horrible, I so missed the internet.
Thursday was the day of my interpreter's mother-in-law's funeral. I know someone asked about my interpreter, she hasn't worked as interpreter before, this has been her first week at the baby house and working in English since she graduated university about a year ago. Lovely lady, I really enjoy my time with her.
It was just my driver and I on Thursday. Andre is a really nice man who has a 5 week old little girl at home. When I got into the van on Thrusday morning he had photos on his camera for me to see of his daughter. I as delighted, she is so cute. What can I say? I love babies. We talked on our way to the baby house, which is so funny as I know just a tiny tiny bit of Russian, and he only knows a bit of English.
At the baby house I was only allowed to visit for 30 minutes. I noticed that the lights were on in the music room, but the upstairs classroom was empty so I took MLM into the little classroom. MLM was looking for my interpreter, he has really taken to her, unlike the first lady. During the 30 minutes we were visiting all of MLM roommates at one point or another came into the room  or opened the door. They all crave attention.
At first when we went into the classroom MLM wanted me to hold him up to look out the window. We watched cars and trucks and people pass on the road outside the baby house, remarking on everything we saw. MLM would say "Mama, mama and point to what he saw" At one point a man drove into the baby house parking lot just outside the window and began to check underneath his car. MLM tried to get the man's attention by banging on the window (very quietly), and calling to the man. We were up two stories, so the man wouldn't have heard, but I was amazed to see the difference in MLM since I first met him when he would close his eyes and shut down when he saw anyone.
After a bit, he decided it was time to have his juice. He knows where in the knapsack to go for his juice. As he drank we looked through the Happy Baby's First Word book again. This is the book that MLM spent the first 90 minutes of bonding looking at. He spent a good 15 minutes looking at the book this visit. He is beginning to react to the pictures. There is a picture of a baby sitting in just a diaper. Now when he sees the page MLM pretends to tickle the baby's tummy. And on the last page there is a picture of a baby having a bath. MLM pretended to have a bath himself, and to take some of the suds from the picture and use them to wash himself. He loved it when I used the face cloth I bring every visit to pretend to first wash the baby in the book and then him.

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