Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prayers For My Interpreter's Family

Please pray for the family of my interpreter, her mother-in-law died Monday night in a house fire, she was only 56 years old.
My interpreter came to work today, but during the hour we were together she must have had over a dozen phone calls from her poor husband. I can understand his inability to think at such a horrible time. My interpreter told me that he was very close to his mother. It was very sad day for my interpreter, I think though she enjoyed having the short break with MLM and I.
When we arrive in the section of the baby house that my son is in, I stop at the cubbies to put clean clothes into MLM's cubby with diapers for both my son and my friends' son. Today my interpreter was interested to see what the children were doing. As soon as MLM saw my interpreter he came running, right passed her to find me. He always has such a sweet smile when he sees me, such a gift. My interpreter was so pleased that he knew who she was, and if she was there I was nearby too. I think it made her day.
I only had 30 minutes today with him, the baby house is still under quarantine. Not only are the children falling sick, but the staff as well. The other day I learned that the doctor that takes care of my son's group was down with this bug. I believe there are 3 doctors in all taking care of the children in the baby house.
We went outside for our 30 minutes. MLM loves to hold my hand and if he isn't holding my hand he has a hand touching me. My interpreter says that maybe he is afraid I will leave him. I guess that it is a part of it, but I also believe the children lack and want that simplest of things 'touch'. I keep thinking of the joy on MLM face when he tickled my tummy. He had given me the best thing he had ever received himself. I've also noticed how the children don't look for help or fussing when they fall. One of the little girls in MLM's group, probably around 2 years of age, fell really hard on Saturday when we were outside for our walk, she didn't make a sound, she simple got herself up and kept walking. It made me want to cry to see a little one like that not seek comfort. I want to take all the children in his group home with me, they all deserve love and family.
After our 30 minutes were up the dreaded thing happened, MLM went flying while we battled to get his clothes off and he hit his head. He both cried and sought attention from me. I felt awful for not preventing the fall, and at the same time so glad that he feels that I can be a source of comfort. His nurse gave him a cracker, a guess it will do for comfort if that is all you can give. I could tell it was standard practice. Then I had to leave him, it does get harder each day.
After the baby house we finally got to the notary office to sign all the forms for court. I'm hoping tonight to get a call from Julia, (oh, by the way that is the name of my interpreter, don't know why I didn't use her name earlier) to tell me my court date. Tomorrow I go to the baby house on my own as it will be the funeral for Julia's mother-in-law. My coordinator will not be there either, it will just be my taxi driver and I. Oh this shall be fun.
I'm having difficulty getting the internet to stay connected long enough to add photos. Usually I get a great connection in my morning, but for the past few days that hasn't been the case. I'll try a post with just some photos.
I see from CP24 on twitter that Toronto is having some lovely cold weather. It's above freezing here. Ha ha, who'd know.
Ciao for now.


Karon and John said...

Who is your interpretor? Is it Yulia

Anonymous said...

I love the festival of lights photos. I'm glad you'll see Christmas lights while you're there. I also love the yellow baby-house. HOw cool is that?!!
I'm sorry to hear about the death of your interpreter's mother-in-law. What a sad way to go at such a young age.
Have a great day. You're missing our -20 feeling day!

Anonymous said...

That was Anna posting the last comment. Sorry I'm not sure why my name didn't appear.

nadia said...

Sorry to hear about your interpreter's mother-in-law! How is everything going? Is everything still on schedule?