Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Photos

  1. This is what I look like to my son. I've had to REALLY wear the mask for the past 3 weeks because of the quarantine, he doesn't seem to mind and will put the mask back on me if we knock it off with our play.
  2. My son with his rabbit hat for the New Year Concert. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the concert today I'm sorry to say.
The children must have had a very exciting day. The baby house had been decorated with Christmas decorations for the New Year. I think there must have been some good treats to eat too, as Denis wasn't too interested in having his snack. I think the children will find it hard to sleep tongiht as they were really wired when I was there today.

Again it was a 20 minute visit. First he wanted to show me the decorations, and he pointed to each of the items on the decorations such as the tree, the ornaments and the animals decorating the tree. As we stood by his cubby so I could take out his dirty clothes, put in the diapers and check his clean clothes, I showed Denis the new shorts I bought for him that he can wear tomorrow. He was very pleased and even showed Yulia.

Then we went into the isolation room where he dug into my knapsack. I'd bought Denis a new pair of running shoes yesterday, the previous pair I'd bought a few weeks ago were size 27. They were like Ronald McDonald shoes they were so big on Denis. The new shoes are size 25 and they are still on the generous size, but not totally oversized. Denis loved opening the plastic bag and the shoe box to find the shoes. We put them on right away. Then he began to take everything out of the bag and play with it for a few minutes and on to the next item. There was  toy from the baby house in the bag, I think it's been there since the day the immigration doctor checked him out back on November 26th. As soon as Denis saw the toy he took it out of the isolation room and put it into the play room. I'm amazed at how observant Denis is.

As usual the time was over way too soon. Today he decided to keep the blue car. He became very upset when I tried to put it away in the knapsack. He hasn't played with the car, well actually a tonka truck since 19th or 20th of November. I think he want to show it off in front of his group mates. The nurse said he could keep the toy and they'd put it into the cubby at bed time. He was very happy and blew me kisses when I went to leave. The nurse told Yulia that Denis will go to the window after I leave to watch the van drive away.

Tomorrow I visit again at 4 and then on Friday I visit at 10 because I will be going to the airport to meet Jody who is arriving from Ottawa. Jody and I will stay the evening at the local hotel where Kendra and her family are staying. We'll see in the New Year together. We all have much to celebrate. Hopefully Jody will meet a baby perfectly suited to her next week, what an exciting and anxious weekend she will have. And it will be a long weekend as I understand it considered to be a 4 day weekend. But don't panic the stores will be open all 4 days, including January 1st. I've just been warned to make sure I have as much cash as I think I might need for the weekend as the bank machines have been known to run out of cash on the New Year holiday. There's a chore for tomorrow.

Paka paka


Jo said...

Congratulations and best wishes for the New Year. An exciting year for you as well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michele ! I was so excited to read your great news and of course see your lovely son.

Best, Amanda and Sophie

Diane said...

Way too cute....Denis that is, with the Rabbit hat on! Ok, ok, you look cute too in the mask, I'm assumign he also knows what you look like without it eh?!