Sunday, December 19, 2010

Missing Delayed Flights

You know life is strange. I got up this morning and was watching CNN news where they were discussing the snow in Europe and the closed airports and/or delayed flights. I was suppose to be flying home today, that was the original plan (I said I was going with Plan B, but I think I might already be on Plan D there have been so many changes to my plans already).

I checked the flight that I was originally booked on. It is still delayed leaving Almaty. It is about 11 hours delayed now and they are saying it might leave at 6 tonight. But then the transfer point would be Frankfurt which is virtually shut down with snow, and totally packed with stranded passengers. Who knew I'd be delighted to have had to change my travel plans.

My visit with MLM this morning was a delight. He was very happy to see me. He actually had a tear on his cheek when he came out of his play room, but I don't know why. We continued with our new toy, the water bottle. He was very thirsty and guzzled down the juice I brought for him (or just to be truthful, it is really about 25% juice and rest water - I follow Jamie Oliver very closely). Then I pulled out the water bottle. I'd removed about 1/2 the water from the bottle, then I pour a bit into his sippy cup. That became the game for the morning: open the bottle (he can open the screw top, but struggles with closing it), pour a little bit into the sippy cup (with the lid off, because he just hates the slow flow of the water, he's thirsty you know) and then drink the water, repeat. And when I say repeat, I mean about 15 times.

We also checked out the world outside the window. That was the first thing he wanted to do when we went into the classroom. There wasn't anything really happening out there. Though he did see some birds and he thought it would be fun to pretend that he was afraid of the birds and I had to save him (SuperMom). Towards the end of our 30 minutes he wanted to look out the window again. This time my driver had returned and was parked outside. MLM waved at the car and my driver waved back, MLM was so delighted, he's whole body shook with his delight.

Unfortunately it was then time to say goodbye. I thought we'd passed the stage of hanging on and crying, but then his buddy left to join his forever family and I was missing for 2 days, so we are back to his hands wrapped around my neck and very tearful goodbyes. I really look forward to the day that I never have to say goodbye again.

I'm learning my speech for court. I'm getting nervous about it and it is giving me the weirdest dreams. The mind is a strange thing.

I'm feeling absolutely exhausted this afternoon, so I told Kendra that I wouldn't be coming over. I instead walked over to the Atrium to see the upstairs. I've been to the Atrium about 6 times but this is the first time I've gone upstairs. I wanted to look at the strollers that they have on sale just in case I need to get one for MLM in 2 weeks. They had one I liked, I'll have to see what the price is like. MLM and I could easily walk over there to purchase it if I have his company.

I stopped at my favourite little store to buy milk, bananas and water. I wanted some mantee (steamed beef dumplings), but they didn't have any, so instead I bought some pastries and buns. The one I had when I returned to my apartment was a lovely flaky apple pastry, it was delicious, I'll be going for that one again. It is such a surprise when you cut open things as I can't read the sign. I call it adventures in shopping and eating LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday
Paka paka

Oh, I found my camera cord this morning, so I should be able to post some pictures again in the near future. Just not today. I'm too tired :-)


EvelynBernard said...

Hi Michelle - just a quick note to let you know we are all thinking of you and the little one.

Sending good thoughts your way!

Evelyn (and the rest of the Knit Night group)

Nicole said...

You have to give a speech on court? Clearly I know the topic ;-) but what specifically is the question? Why you want to adopt generally? Why you want to adopt MLM specifically? etc?

Diane said...

Ok, I think I am finally caught up on reading your blog, phew!!! Now I just need to update mine, longer process! Ok, so now I see the whole flight change thing, and man am I ever glad I flew home via Munich, we were only 2 hours late! Let's schedule a call soon as it's easier to talk that way, what is the best time for you again?

Diane, Ciera and Tienna!!!!

russalka said...

Michelle! How about flight to Moscow and from there- to Toronto? I think you wouldn't need any Russian visas 'cause you're not leaving airport. Company calls Transaero, they have a vebsyte. And you can have 2 suitcases for 30 kg for you and one for YLM. So you do not need to pay extra for stroller. And they nice))))