Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Another Canadian

Yesterday was a mildish day, overcast and damp, the type of late fall day that is very common at home. On the drive to the baby house I learned my translator's mother-in-law had passed away yesterday. I don't think she could have been very old. My driver and coordinator were in the car, but couldn't tell me what was going on, my translator had to tell me by cell phone.
We arrived at the baby house to find MLM favourite nurse was working. She said I could take MLM outside and that I could stay for an hour. Yippee!!. MLM is very helpful as we get him dressed to go outside, and it is amazing how quickly he does what I ask. It as if he understands what I say to him. The funny thing is I'll say something in English and he response immediately to it, someone else says something to him in Russian, and he just stares at them as if he has no idea what they are saying.
We walked around the baby house to the playground. I encouraged him to play on the climber and slide, but where yesterday with all his room mates on the climber he was willing to go, today he was too scared and didn't want to go. That's okay, there will be many other climbers when he feels more confident. In fact, as we investigated the other out door toys, he stayed right beside me, he really is a mamma's boy. He likes to see the cars and trucks that pass the baby house. This house though, unlike baby house 2, is set off from the main street and there is limited traffic passing.
After a while, we went back inside, I still had about 20 minutes with him, but that wasn't enough to go anywhere, so we just visited in the cubby room. He hates for me to take off his clothing, so where he is so helpful dressing it is the opposite undressing. He is so cute with it too, he holds onto sleeves so I can't pull his hands out, or re-zippers the zipper I've just pulled down. (Dang why did I teach him to pull on zippers). I have to be so careful to make sure he doesn't go flying while I undress him, he puts everything into keeping those clothes on. Luckily he thinks it is a great game.
My friend's son comes to visit me every time I am there. I'm sure he is looking for his family, only 5 more days and they will be back. I put MLM's scarf into his hat for safe keeping, yes that's what I thought until my friends' son thought it would be a real treat to hide them on me. He made sure I knew what he was up to when he walked away with them, and made sure I knew where he was going. He'd put them into a little room off the cubbies with 2 cribs in it. It looks maybe like an isolation room for maybe a sick baby or two. But not only had he put it into the room, he put the hat and scarf into the furthermost corner of the furthermost crib. I had to stretch to reach it.
Watching his pal go in and out of the little sleeping room encouraged my son to play games of 'chase me'. He is so cute making sure I'm watching him, he goes just far enough to be out of reach. I'm really beginning to hate saying goodbye as he cries and cries and cries.
As I was undressing him, the other interpreter came into the cubby with the mother from Montreal. I got her cell phone number, I couldn't remember mine so I couldn't give it to her. When I got home I gave her a call and we decided to meet for a late lunch. We met at PizzaHot (not to be mistaken with PizzaHut). PizzaHot is a 24 hour pizza place just 3 blocks from me. We shared a lovely pepperoni pizza and a litre of coke for about 4.50 each. We spent over 2 hours talking. It was delightful to be able to just sit and talk. We plan to go out again.
I have internet connection, I'll post while I can.

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Diane said...

It's great you have someone to talk to and spend time with in English! I found it made a huge difference to my day to be able to have an adult to talk to for an hour to two!