Sunday, January 9, 2011

What do you do with an hour????

The International Doctor was here to see Jody's baby today and it was decided that we would be at the baby house at the same time so I got to spend the entire time with Denis which was over an hour. After about 25 minutes he'd been through everything in the knapsack, drunk as much of the juice as he wanted (and spilled as twice as much on my jeans) Denis looked at me with his hands in the air as if to say 'Now what do we do?" I was hysterical. Denis has become so accustomed to our short little visits that he was bored by the 25 minute mark. The funny thing is Yulia was shortly at the door to say she was bored and wondered what we were doing as she had nothing to do. It was too funny.

Actually I sat there in the isolation room with Denis as he took everything out of the knapsack and I thought those 2 long flights home next month should be a LOT of fun. Actually I hope Denis will be so interested in everything that the journey will be fun. I do have to get a lot of electronic toys for him because he likes things that do something.

One thing he played with today was my camera. I gave in and let him play with it when he came over and took the wrist strap and put it around his tiny little arm like a pro and then looked at me as if to say, "Well look I'm responsible and ready to use the camera". I'd showed him how to use the strap about a month ago when I let him look at the photos on the camera, it's touch screen and likes making the pictures move. Today he LOVED taking pictures. They were almost all of his left fingers as he holds the camera with a finger or two over the lens. I'd already decided to let him have my old camera, good call.

Oh, at one point during the visit the door flies open and there in the doorway is the doctor and one of the nurses. She looks in and then walks away. I felt quite smug as I had my mask over my face when she looked in, and I was so happy that I didn't have Denis on the window ledge or upside down, he was just in my arms. Whew, that was close. I actually wear my mask most of my visit and as I've said before Denis will put it back on if it slips off. Won't he be in for a surprise when I take him home and he learns that I don't wear them.

This afternoon Jody had Kendra, her family and I over for lunch. It was a lovely afternoon. We had a great time telling stories and watching Kendra's daughter's antics. Jody and I walked to the Chagala after lunch so that Jody could use the internet, she still doesn't have it in her apartment. I'd brought my knitting, so we had a nice hour in the lobby of the Chagala. And then we froze on the walk back to our apartments. As we were only walking a couple of blocks we both figured we wouldn't need long johns, WOW we were wrong. That was a cold walk home. Tomorrow promises to be around the same temperature. The upside of the temperature is the beautiful sunshine. It has been rare to see the sunshine in the past month.

Oh, I had an interesting morning before going to the baby house. When I got up there was normal electricity, however after a few minutes the power dropped dramatically and 20 minutes later their was no electricity at all. Jody mentioned the lack of street and traffic lights on her walk to my apartment this morning, so the power outage was more than the just my building. The power was back by the time we returned from our morning outing. I have to say that going through your morning routine by candle and flash light is really interesting.

Well,I'm back to a 20 minute visit tomorrow, Wednesday will mark the end of the appeal period and Thursday the judge can sign the adoption decree into fact. Tomorrow also marks the beginning of my 9th week here, I think I'm ready to go home, especially after learning the finally paperwork seems to be taking 5 to 6 more weeks. That would just be too long away from home. I'm ever so sorry to leave Denis, but living here with a 2 year old would be near impossible, especially as the temperature is dropping  and I'm sure there will be more snow. I can't imagine trapsing all over town to get water and groceries with a two year old, and there isn't much to do here with a child. We actually don't see to many children out and and about, I don't know where they are hiding but they aren't often out in public.

Paka paka

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