Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Day Another 20 Minutes

I was wondering the other day how much time I've actually spent with Denis, and then I decided I probably didn't want to be any more sad than I am. I'm getting organized to leave and I'm amazed at how sad I am at the thought of leaving this city that I've come to consider home. I was teasing Yulia today that I now know exactly where to go for most of the things that I need or want. As I've said before I'll be sad to say goodbye to my friends. During the drive to the baby house Yulia told Andre that I will be leaving soon and he said that I can't go I'm almost a citizen I should get my passport and not worry about Denis'. LOL

My visit was suppose to be 20 minutes but I think it was actually 30 minutes. It is such precious time. He is such a loving boy. He really enjoys giving and receiving love and attention. I so can't wait to have him forever. Towards the end of our visit he decided to check out my purse and found my sunglasses case, he decided that would be a great thing to keep and he put up quite a fuss when I said he had to return it. I quickly redirected his attention by having him turn off the light. Then we went and took a picture with today's caregivers. I think there are 4 teams of 2 who work with the children. I have photos of 3 of the 8 caregivers, and I have photos of all the children still in his group. I need to learn all their names so I can tell Denis when he is older.
These aren't new photos, just the three I had printed today,
  1. We are family - taken just after leaving court after learning the judge said yes
  2. Playing outside on a beautiful day at Baby House 1
  3. My favourite picture of Denis and I taken our first week together at Baby House 2

I brought a baby photo album for Denis. When I arrived there were photos of my brother, my sister, Dastan, Alex and Loretta. I wanted to show how Dastan and Alex have grown and I wanted to show Denis the people he will come to know when he comes home. Today after our visit Yulia helped me to get some photos of Denis and I to put into the photo album. I was looking at the picture of Denis and I from court day, the day we became family and I realized that we really do look alike. I especially like how our smile is so similar. I'm so glad that I trusted the journey that God took me on to find my son, this certainly has been a journey of blessings and Denis is the greatest blessing of all.

While we waited for the photos to be printed, Yulia and I went to the big church so I could purchase an icon. I want an icon of the Virgin Mother and infant Jesus. Yulia thinks the exact same way I do, as she suggested the same icon when I told her I wanted a religious icon. As Yulia said I was here for Christmas and I became a mother here. Today I saw the icon I liked, but unfortunately there wasn't a lady working in the store on that side, supposedly someone will be there tomorrow. However, Yulia told me about a prayer card you can purchase with your name on it. I purchased one with Denis' birth name. It has a prayer and it states his name day celebration. He actually gets two, lucky boy.

Tomorrow I go to the baby house at the same time as Jody. The International doctor is coming to see her baby. I hope the doctor takes a long time and I can spend all that time with Denis. We go for 9 a.m., it will be dark when we leave the apartments.

Paka paka


Anonymous said...

Michele, it's amazing to see how much Denis looks like you! He was meant to be your boy and you his Mom! Can't wait to meet your little fella!

Diane said...

Funny you said that as I was thinking just this morning how much he looks like you and you have the same amazing is this thing we call adoption......we complain about the long long wait only to realize there was a reason and a plan, and here is is in your arms.

Baby Kaz Moore said...

You and Denis are in my thoughts and prayers. Although it's only 20 minutes, it's easy to see the intimate relatonship you and your son have already built. I wish you all the best.

Have you had a chance to ask the caregivers to write notes to Denis so that you can put them in his baby book? I did it for both of my children, and I'm so grateful. Sweet words were written.


PS I agree with the other post. You two look soooooo much alike.