Saturday, January 15, 2011

Started Home

I've begun my journey home.

I would have said that I'm part way home, but in fact I'm further away from home today then I was yesterday. I'm in Almaty. I flew here last night, and very early tomorrow I will fly home. I was very sad to say goodbye to Denis, Yulia, Nastya and Andre. I know I will be back in one month to be reunited with my little man, and we will never have to say paka again. I'll teach him to say goodbye instead :-)

Almaty is so much bigger than Uralsk. I'm in the big city now. I've been on highways and been in a grocery store 4 times the size of any of the grocery stores that I shopped at in Uralsk.

I'm staying with Louisa and her family in an apartment in Almaty. It is wonderful to be with her again. We've chatted on-line most days since she came back, but it is so much easier when you don't have to type.

In 13 hours we will be packing up and moving off to the airport to fly home. I know I'll have to pay for a second bag. What a shock! I was allowed to bring 2 free bags here, but I only get one free bag going home. I'll know better next journey. Frankly my bags are packed with a ton less than I brought, and I know I won't be bring anywhere near as much next time, I barely used the stuff I did bring.

Paka paka and see you from the other side of the world.


sue and craig said...

Safe travels Michele!!

Diane said...

Happy flying! And you might be surprised by Lufthansa, on my 1st trip I had to pay for the extra bag on my way to Kaz, but on the way home they took them no questions asked....and on the way home Ciera and I each had an extra bag. Same with trip #2, I had 2 bags both ways and no extra good luck!!!! Glad Louisa and family are finally heading home, and with you!

lisa said...

Congratulations! You are almost home free!

Angie said...

Congratulations Michele!

Welcome Denis! I am so happy for both of you. May God bless you and Denis with much love, health and joy!

With love,

Dean and Janie said...

Would love an update! Hope all has gone well! Many blessings!