Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

The temperature as I write this is -23 C, that's without any kind of wind chill factor, just the bare temperature. Yesterday at the same time (just after 7 a.m) the temperature was around the same, however for both days the forecast has the night time low around -16C. You have no doubt that it really is that cold when you are out walking, every painful breath lets you know that, yes it is cold. And yet we see people walking everywhere. This is a city of people who walk.

Yesterday we were back to normal, in other words, a twenty minute visit. I was actually there about 30 minutes earlier than normal and discovered that the children were just getting dressed again after their afternoon nap. After nap they get a snack of hot milk and some kind of bread or cookies. One day it was blinis or crepes lightly buttered and yesterday it was a nice soft roll and some cookies.I happen to know that the roll was nice and soft as Denis insists on feeding me during our visits. I've bought many packages of cookies for the children thanks to a lovely librarian I know who gave me money to buy treats for the children. B. that money has gone really far as cookies are not that expensive.

I found the journey to the baby house to be difficult as I'm in my final count down. I only have 4 more visits and then I will be going home for a month. I'm actually fine when I'm with Denis, but on the way I'm starting to feel emotional and have to keep from crying. As Denis played yesterday I was telling him that in a few days I will be leaving for a month and then I will return to bring him home forever. He was sitting in front of me playing and after each phrase he'd look back at me and smile. When I said that he'd be coming home to live with me forever he turned and kissed me. I have no idea how much English he understands, and I know that he can't understand what is going to happen to him, but oh what a joyful feeling that he is happy with the idea. Hey, I am allowed to fool myself that he understands.

Today Denis' favourite caregiver was working, so he was not upset to leave me. She has taught him to blow kisses, so when he leaves me he goes to her and she tells him to blow me a kiss. She'll be working on Wednesday so I'll be bringing a month's worth of diapers on Wednesday to leave with her. I'm also sorting out his clothes to leave while I'm away.

Well it's back to packing and sorting out my apartment. I can't keep track of the day of the week and I'm getting anxious that I've forgotten something or that I'll be late. After 8 weeks here I'm thinking I have so many things to do, who knew I'd run out of time. LOL

Paka paka


Amy said...

Hi there! I adopted my daughter Karina when she was 3 about to turn 4 from Kazakhstan. I highly highly recommend that you get your translator to accurately explain to Denis what is going to happen. It would be extremely traumatic for him to have you disappear in a few more days and have him be confused about what is happening. Please try and get someone that speaks his language to explain it to him in detail. He may only understand a portion of what they are saying. I had my translator tell my daughter that I had to go home and get her room ready...I had to buy a bed, buy clothes for her, buy toys for her, etc. And that when I was done I would be coming back to get her to take her home forever. Even so near the final two weeks she was distraught and crying for me...I was told this by other PAPs that were in country at the time bonding with their children. The last thing you want him to think is that you are not coming back so ask the caregiver's to reassure him that you are coming back on a regular basis so he does not become overly depressed.

Antoinette and Joseph said...

I have been following your journey... I understand that thinking of leaving him must be very difficult and it is great that you are preparing him... I also have a recommendation... you can have your picture printed on a pillow case... so he can see you and get reminded of you every day! And you get to bring that pillow back with you home after.
Keep warm!
Antoinette and Noah (Uralsk 2010)

Diane said...

I also left a special "blanket/stuffed animal" with both my daughters, only T's managed to make it back home. I don't know if it made them feel better but it meade me feel better! I know in our room at the babyhouse, even thought the kiddies are only 9-12 months, the nannies always told them that mama and papa or just mama (!) would be back soon. And although it's hard try not to cry in front of him when you me I know how hard that is but wait until that door is closed.....and then sob.... :-)

The time home will fly by