Thursday, January 13, 2011

Denis is Officially My Son

Well, it is official. I have seen the final adoption decree, Denis is 100 % my son.

I am absolutely delighted and absolutely desolate at the same time. He is my son, but tomorrow I leave. I think he sort of understands that something is changing as he cried so hard today when I had to leave. We actually arrived in time to join his group going outside. As we walked around the Baby House building we saw my driver pull into the grounds of the Baby House, poor Denis began to cry, he must have thought that II would be leaving right away. Instead, Andre offered to give the children in Denis' group a ride around the baby house in the car. What a treat! The children and Andre had a great time. But all to soon I had to leave. I had to bring Denis inside and he cried the whole way. I quickly got him out of his clothes, gave him to the caregiver inside, and ran away, I was afraid I too would start to cry as hard as Denis. I was bad and just stuffed his clothes into his cubby, I wasn't neat at all.

After the baby house, Nastya and Yulia came to my apartment to help me fill in the last of the documents I need to do for Denis. Tomorrow I go and sign at the Register's office for his birth certificate and then back to the notary to sign some very final papers. I have one final visit with Denis and I head to Almaty. I will be leaving Denis with the photo album and a stuffed teddy bear, so I'm hoping the leave taking will not be so hard. It will also be hard saying goodbye to the team that has supported me here, Yulia, Nastya and Andre. I hope I can make it on to the plane without tears.

I'm very lucky tonight, my apartment has heat and hot water. I shall enjoy both.

Paka paka


Stella said...

We were talking about this last night at Panera, and Alla had a brilliant idea. Can you leave a calendar and some stickers with Denis so that everyday he can put a sticker on the calendar and see how many days are left before mommy comes back? It would be like an Advent Calendar.

Diane said...

I'm crying just reading about it! I managed to hold off (both times) until my kids could not see me....then I cried. I also cried leaving Karaganda each time I left, even with my daughters, just make sure you have some tissues handy. Hey are you ok with a ride home or do you need one? The time home will fly by.....see you in person soon!!!

Nicole said...

Welcome to Canada very soon, Denis McCarthy!!!!

Dana said...

My heart hurts for you at the thought of leaving your little one. I traveled in 2007 and leaving was not necessary. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Hugs to you and Denis.

Marianne said...

Congratulations to the newest Mama!!!! So, so exciting!
You have the most challenging pieces of the adoption process behind you. It's official. You are his and he is yours!!!! The light at the end of this tunnel is near and shining brightly!!! Time will fly and you will be back to scoop up your bundle of joy in no time!! Savor the wonderful feeling of being a new Mama while you can and before you are too exhausted :)

Maren and Peter said...

You will cry, I'm sure. You are human after all and it is heartbreaking to have to leave. I sure did. But the nannies will be telling him that you are coming back and that he just has a little bit longer and then he'll be with you forever.
I hope to time flies by and you get back there to pick him up soon! Congrats!