Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's getting random

Well life here isn't getting random, but the things I thought about writing for my blog are sort of random ergo the title of the entry.

It snowed today, not a lot but just enough to make everything look pretty.

When I logged into google to write this entry the temp. sky condition, and wind speed were identical in Toronto and in Uralsk. We are 10 hours different and the humidity was different otherwise...

I was asked by an assistant magazine editor to use a photo of the shawl above in their upcoming issue of the magazine that I got the instructions to knit the shawl. I have to get a picture of someone wearing the shawl. Umm, I gave it to Louisa and she is 3 and 1/2 hour flight away, hopefully I'll see her next weekend, I hope the magazine can wait.

I bought red grapes yesterday at the mall. They were quite sweet so I washed and cut in half a few to bring to Denis. I really doubt he's tried grapes before. I put them into a container with sliced banana. I had to slice the banana as he would stuff way too much into his mouth at time from a full banana. Anyway he tried a grape half and decided it wasn't for him, but wasn't too keen on eating the banana as it made his fingers dirty (very neat and tidy my son) so I feed him the banana (oh, and don't forget you can play with stuff if your mother is putting the food into your mouth for you, did I mention he is smart too????) After a while he looked at the grape again, then tried to feed it to me through the mask. It was a great game. Eventually he pulled the mask away and fed me the grapes. He was intrigued that I liked them, then he must of figured if momma likes them they must be good. He put one in his mouth and the face, you'd think he was sucking a lemon, but he ate all the remaining grapes.

Today he was just finishing snack when I arrived. It was his favourite caregiver working. He came running to see me and gives me tons of kisses. The caregiver always has him give her a kiss when he comes with me, she is the one who taught Denis to blow kisses. He wasn't too interested in eating or drinking, but he decided we should share his drink of juice. Then he began a game of pretending to be asleep and wanting me to comfort him, telling eh? I so look forward to when I will be doing that for real.

Today Jody and I walked to the WWII monument and then to the Pushkin Hotel for lunch. We had steak and fries with a can of pop for $14 each, not bad in one of the better hotels in town. It was nice to walk in the snow, it wasn't too cold but it was overcast.

All too soon it was time to leave again, I won't see him tomorrow as it is Christmas day. I will be going on Saturday and maybe Sunday too, we'll see.
Paka paka

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