Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yesterday I had just completed my post when I discovered that I had lost the internet quite a while before, and therefore nothing was saved. Hopefully I can remember.
When we arrvied at the baby house and to MLM's room yesterday we could hear music and singing. My translator said that they were practicing for the New Year celebration, and the song was a song about the New Year.
We peeked into the MLM playroom and all the children were sitting on chairs along wall of the room, while one of the nurses taught 4 of the children the dance that goes with the song. MLM was watching the dancing with a very anxious and scared look on his face. He is a nervous little guy. Then he saw me and he started across the room, as he got closer I bent down to him and he raced towards me a smile blossoming on his face. I know he was delighted to see me.
We played in the hallway behind this little desk that MLM and I have claimed as ours. As we played (it is important to MLM that I sit in a chair and that he sits on my lap - just like Kathryn there are rules and I must follow them, LOL), one of the managers of the baby house, a really lovely lady, stopped to say hello to MLM and I. In fact she did say 'hello, how are you?'. She turned to my translator and said that everyone is so happy that MLM has found his Mama because he laughs now and is full of joy. The manager then started to go into MLM room as my translator told me what she had said, I said to her 'thank you' in Russian. The manager stopped at the door of the area and said Nyet Splasiba - pointing at herself (no thank you), she pointed to me and said what translates to Thank you Mamma, thank you for MLM.' I was moved to tears, it was such a nice thing to say.
I also saw another lady who I'd met at the airport the morning I arrived here in Uralsk. She is also trying to adopt, but she has some concerns about her child. I feel so lucky that I don't have those concerns about MLM.
Later as we played, and keep in mind, I'm in a hallway with people coming and going and I'm trying to entertain a 2 year old where we cannot run, throw things or make much noise - a wee bit stressful, MLM discovered by watch. I have one of those carbinar watches that I usually have attached to my purse, but as I feel that I'm all over the place in the hall, I decided yesterday not to bring my purse and just attached the watch to a belt loop. MLM tried to pull the watch off my pants, luckily he was unsuccessful, but then he realized that he was near my tummy, and he did the cutest thing, he tickled my tummy. The look of pure joy on his face as he tickled me says how much he enjoys that interaction. Of course I reacted in a big way to the tickles and he did it once more and then he pulled up his shirt. Who needs a ton of toys when you can have someone tickle your tummy.
After my visit, I went for a long walk as it was a beautiful afternoon. I walked from my apartment to the Puskin Hotel and back to my apartment. I took my camera, but I didn't take a single photo. I was just taking it all in. I'll try to remember to actually take photos for myself on another day.
And that is more or less what I would have posted yesterday IF I'd been able to get the internet to stay connected.

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Nicole said...

I almost teared up a bit with this one!!!! You're who he's been waiting for :)