Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cut off on the side

Thank you for all the good wishes. It is so helpful to know I have so much support.

I understand my blog is cutting off on the side. Diane is trying to figure out what is happening. And thanks so much to Diane for helping me to do my blog from here!!!!!

I see a little snow falling this morning, just the odd flake or so. It rained during the night and the parking lots behind the apartment buildings have a white coating of ice.

Don't know what I'll be doing today. L and A and I had made tentative plans, but all depend on the weather.

Last night I spent most of the evening catching up talking to friends using Skype. What a wonderful thing the internet and Skype are for telephone calls. I spoke to my brother for over an hour. Now he's posted on Facebook that maybe we will have to talk everyday so he can get a head's up on finding stuff around the house. LOL

Every night, I take a little time to look at the pictures I've taken during the day of MLM. I can't believe that I have the blessed opportunity to make this little guy my son. That I would be given such a gift. I know those of you reading who have been here before me know exactly what I mean. I'm praying like crazing that everything goes smoothly and I can bring MLM home with me soon. But I have maybe 5 more weeks before court, so plenty of time for being with him and for worrying!

Umm, must mention the yucky mess I made of my dinner last night. I found some beef meatballs at the supermarket on Friday, so I tried to make spaghetti and meatballs. Only I didn't buy a 525 L jar of tomato sauce but of tomato paste, even with water added it was too rich for my taste. And the meatballs I think were intended for soup making, so they were too tough for spaghetti. I made do with some left over tuna that I'd brought and peanut butter on bread.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Diane said...

Hmmm, while I would like to take credit I have yet to do anything to your blog and it's ok today.....I'll just keep and eye on it!!

It's truly an amazing road to travel, but all that time, frustration and wait leads you to the absolutely right little person!!!

Enjoy, and maybe try to be a bit more cautious at the store....oh and buy yogurt....and the one with the white stuff on the top and the green apple juice.....oh yummmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

So happy things are going well for you ! and glad the weather is allowing you to get around and explore.
Let me know where your apartment is located and I will give you some details on where to buy the best pasta sauce !

It was one year today that we received our LOI for Uralsk so we are enjoying thinking about our wonderful journey to Sophie, and yes I agree with Diane, the " absolutely right little person" for our family. Ahhh the workings of the universe are truly remarkable.

Best, Amanda

JBM said...

What are the groceries like in Kaz? BTW your newest blog formatted correctly.

Maureen said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am following and excited for you! Today is Santa Claus Parade day here. My hope is that you and your son will be outside freezing your fingers off next year!

Nicole said...

Hi, Michele! We could read everything on that post! *So* excited for you!!!! So many of us are routing for you and MLM!