Thursday, November 25, 2010

Moving Day at the Baby House

Today was the LONG promised day that the children are moving back to Baby House 1. Until a few years ago there were 2 baby houses in Uralsk, and we called them Baby House 1 and Baby House 2. During the summer of 2009 Baby House 2 was closed as between the two houses there were just over 100 children. Each house was actually set up to serve the needs of nearly 200 children. Why so few children, because most had been adopted, isn't that the nicest thing to know!
Back in about March of this year, all the children were moved from Baby House 1 back to Baby House 2 so that Baby House 1 could be renovated. Back in October, when L and A arrived, they were told that any day they would be moving back to Baby House 1. Well it finally happened today.
We we arrived at the house it was very busy. There were men (something you don't see a lot at the baby house) all over the place. Boxes were being filled, cribs dismantled, complete organized chaos. I've never seen so many people in the house, I think everyone who works there was there today.
I was very luckily that I was able to visit with MLM for 20 minutes. We weren't able to go to our usual place in the hall as the hall was quickly being filled with things coming out of the offices. I learned tonight that I got to have my visit because my driver drove the doctors and all their records to the other baby house. I have to say that the driver I have is one of the nicest men. He and his wife had a baby about 4 weeks ago, he is one very proud papa. I haven't seen a photo as it is tradition not to take a picture until the baby is over 40 days old, but this morning he played a recording of her crying that is on his mobile phone.
It was so nice to spend time with MLM. I want to take some photos so I could show him when he is older what one of his early homes was like, but the staff said no. I understand they are very stressed today, so much to do and keep all the children safe at the same time. But as we sat in the cubby room I tried to take some photos of MLM, he decided that he rather be the one taking pictures, so we took some pictures of where we sat. Clandestine photos, hey the kid did it, what can I do???
I gave him his juice and 1/2 cookie, but we couldn't play as there was no room, and I didn't want to get to much in the way. I really feel for all those ladies today, I hope it went well. When he finished his snack I brought him back into his playroom, he does not like saying good bye. He clung to my neck and made such a sad sound. Staff actually have to take him from me as he is so insistent on staying with me. That is a good sign but leaving him when he is crying so hard is difficult. I'm am even more grateful that Kathryn has always loved her group home and enters it joyfully everytime we return, to have her be unhappy would break my heart.
It is a miserable rainy day here today, so I spent the afternoon knitting and watching Real Zone on satellite. I'm such a sucker for tv. Oh, yesterday morning, I put the tv on as I was ready too early for my visit to the baby house and discovered Diva International was showing an episode of Foyle's War I'd never seen, I hope it repeats at a time I'm home.
Tomorrow the International Doctor is coming to see MLM. She will write the report for Immigration purposes. Because she is coming I will definitely get to see MLM, otherwise I would suspect they would say no visits as they get settled. I'm so lucky she was able to get here this week, next week there is a big meeting in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan and there will be limited seats available to fly around the country. The doctor is flying here from Almaty and will only be here for the day. It is a 3 and 1/2 hour flight each way, I know I pay for her to come, but it is so wonderful to have access to such wonderful people. L and A said I will really like her as they met her when they were in Almaty a number of years ago.
I'm going to try and post the photos that MLM took today in another post as the internet seems to be holding.
Have a wonderful Thursday, and to all my American family and friends - a most Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Stacey and Dave said...

So glad to hear things are going so well. My son was from Baby House #2, and I was initially sad to hear it had closed last year, but when I thought about the reason why, I realized what a wonderful thing that was.
It's nice that you've settled into such a relaxing routine in Uralsk.

Here's hoping the remainder of your journey goes as smooth!


Stella said...

:) :) :) :) :) this post gets five happy smiles out of five. Yesterday's belated post got five and a half out of five. The extra half was for the tummy tickles. Bonding is going well, the international doctor will visit and sign off, the staff are happy that you make him happy, and MLM is a happy, healthy child who loves his momma. All this good news and joy -- you deserve it! Not to change the subject, but do you think MLM will look good in yellow? Just asking.

MaryLisa said...

Hi Michele!
so glad to hear that things are going well.... Can't wait to keep following your journey... Darya does the exact same thing with a camera and I can't take more than 1 photo without her getting upset because she wants to hold it!
Sounds like you're settling in to life in Kaz well... Hoping everything goes smoothly...
Big hugs!
take care,