Monday, November 29, 2010

Can they recall the Weather Forecast

Today has been a beautiful partly cloudy day and not that cold, but I just saw on-line that for the next three days the weather is going to get COLD.
Tomorrow is suppose to be icy with a low of -6, but Wednesday has a low of -18 and Thursday a low of -22, at least the high is suppose to be -13. All these temperatures are measured in Celcius, or teeth chattering.
I've had two really quiet days, knitting and reading in my apartment. I've also been down with a cold, but I must say that ColdFX does seem to help a lot and I don't think this cold is as bad as it could be.
I got up just after 6 a.m my time this morning as I wanted to call some people back home. I absolutely love Skype, everyone feels so close, I don't feel like I'm half-way around the world. Oh, and it was uber cute having little Alex saying 'Bye Michele, bye Michele" He actually talked to me on the phone and told me all about going to the pet store and all the animals he'd seen. Good thing Loretta was there to translate, because I missed most of that conversation.
Hopefully things are back to normal tomorrow and I get to go see MLM.
Have a nice day everyone,

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