Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Snowed Last Night

Today's Pictures:
1.    A building down the street with beautiful art panels on the walls
2.     Christ the Saviour Church
3.     A delicous treat I buy from the corner grocery store (love the 3 raisins - always three)
I woke up this morning to see it had snowed during the night. It is comforting to know that drivers here in Uralsk forget how to drive in the snow just like they do in Toronto, there were lots of little accidents on the roads this morning.

I misunderstood the time I was to go to the babyhouse, so I didn't get as long as normal. It was so cute to see MLM, when he saw me he came running to me and the first thing he did was show me his finger which has a banged up fingernail. Now, I'd seen that on Friday, but I guess he forgot he'd told me LOL. The nurse said he it wasn't new, and I said I had seen it on Friday, but I was so very happy that he wants me to know that he needs comfort. I had noticed the first few days we were bonding, that if he bumped his head, and I mean a good knock, he'd laugh and go on as if nothing happened. It is good that he knows one of my jobs is to comfort him when he is hurt.
My translator and I weren't sure where we were suppose to go for our bonding today. We first went back to the music room, but the door was locked. So we returned up to MLM rooms, there is a little playroom beside the big play room and that is were we played today. He still likes to sit on my knee and be silly. He loves to drink his juice, but he barely drank any today, but he does like to have it in his hand. Actually as soon as he has greeted me with tons of hugs and pats on my face, he goes down and starts to open my knapsack to find his juice and his treats.
I brought some soft balls for him to play with this morning. While we were waiting for my translator to find where we were suppose to go, we stood in the hall and he found the balls. He immediately began to try to bounce and throw the ball, yah, not such a good idea while standing in the hallway. We also looked outside into the courtyard at the snow. MLM knows what the snow is because he pretended to be cold and pretended to shiver and threw himself into my arms for a hug. He is cute, really cute.
In the time we had he climbed in my lap, played a game of going up and down (I'm working on developing that language) and he actually called to my translator by name this morning. Her name is Dana, so it is a nice easy name to say. I'm sorry to say he wanted her attention so he could stick his tongue out at her. I'll add appropriate ways to interact with adults to the list of things I need to teach him. It is funny that he was willing to call out to Dana, because he won't go to her at all. At one point, he was moving around a bit and Dana came closer to MLM and I (unfortunately to tell me it was time to go), as soon as Dana approached he darted back to me. I just love how he is making such a close connection to me.
I also love how neat and tidy MLM is. Everyday when he gets his juice out of the ziplock bag that I bring it in, he takes off the cap and carefully puts the cap back into the ziplock bag and puts the bag back into my knapsack. Do you think he'll maintain these wonderful skills when I bring him home??????
I had planned to go for a walk after my lunch today, but it was raining, so instead I staying in my apartment, watched tv and knitted. I do have a bit of a cold, and my voice sounds a bit froggy, so staying home was probably a good idea. Tomorrow is suppose to be dryer, but colder. Right now there is a good wind blowing outside. I know what time I need to be out to for the baby house tomorrow, my translator and I confirmed it about 4 times (Poor lady, she stood on a street corner waiting for us to pick her up for the 30 or so minutes).


Carrie said...

Wow, that does sound cold...brrr. I love reading about your bonding time with YLM. He sounds so very adorable! What a great personaility!

Hope that you get over your cold soon!

Stacey and Dave said...

THe pictures are always so nice to see - can't wait until you can post of MLM!


(P.S. - if you ever have the chance to get a picture of Maternity Hospital #2, could you please? It's the only significant building I never got a picture of when we were there!)