Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally Connected to the World

After 5 days and 3 tries, I'm finally connected to the world through the internet.

I'm safe and sound in Uralsk. The flights were excellent and all three were actually early arriving in each destination. The food was wonderful on the flights, but I was SO tired all I really wanted to do was sleep, and I'm not the greatest at sleeping in sitting up, but I certainly worked at it.

I arrived on Monday of this week, just before noon. I was met by my coordinator here in Uralsk and my translator. They brought me to a really nice apartment and helped me do a little shopping to get me through the first 2 days.

I arrived to learn that Tuesday was a holiday, so I didn't get to go to the baby house. Instead I met up with L and A and their son M and we went to the park by the river to let M ride on the amusement park rides. It was a beautiful sunny day, and many people were out enjoying the sun. It was lovely to see L and A and catch up on news with them.

On Wednesday, at a very early time (7:30 a.m.) I was off to the baby house where I met him, my little man (I'll use MLM for him from now on). Oh, he's certainly trying to take my heart. I've had only 4 visits with him so far, but he certainly seems to be a very good match.

I'm still suffering from Jet Lag, and it is also hard to adjust to the sun rise/ sun set here in Uralsk, there really isn't any sun until almost 9 am and it is gone by 5, and I still have a month to go before the shortest day of the year.

Oh, but it is really nice to be connected to the world again.


Julian and Sara said...

Welcome back to the world - it is always great to get connected. Good luck with the coming days. The firest few are always the most stressful - that combination of jetlag, tiredness, disorientation and the feeling of being on the other side of the world where everyone speaks another language. Fingers crossed for you. And can't wait to here more about MLM.

amanda said...

So glad to hear everything is going great, I had been checking your blog daily!!!! I was in Uralsk this time 3 years ago and remember how late in the morning it got light great sleeping once you get over the jet lag.

Cannot wait to hear more about your sweet MLM

jbm said...

Hi Sis. For some strange reason this one blog entry seems to crop the right-hand words (at least when I view it). Funny to think you're half a world away. Hmmm ... send me a postcard and maybe I'll believe it.j

Diane said...

Awright!!!! Hard to beleive eh? feels to surreal, but it so so very real!!

Enjoy enjoy, the time will fly by so fast.

You are much further north than we were, our light/dark was similar to home, you sound more like Edmonton!!

Love to be able to follow along!

zeunkazkids said...

Hi Michele, Am following along your blog. I have 2 children from KAz. What an exciting time for you! Yes, the first days are tough for sure but I agree, the time will fly. Best wishes on this journey!


Dean and Janie said...

Congratulations!!! So glad you made it safely and are progressing! Blessings for the days and weeks ahead!

MaryLisa said...

so happy that you are finally there and have met your little man! Can't wait to follow your journey... Yes the darkness in the morning was a regular thing in Karaganda too especially when we went... Seemed like the sun came up at 8:45am or later. Hope everything goes smoothly and we're praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Big congratulations on meeting MLM! Can you believe it's finally happening?? The moment you've waited so long for has finally arrived so just soak it all in. Enjoy MLM and Uralsk!

Nicole said...

Michele! So incredibly exciting!
Thinking of you and MLM!
Nicole (Mo's friend)
PS Your blog gets cut off in the right-hand margin. Please fix! We want to read everything you write about MLM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michele;

Well to the least the virtual world. It was odd not having contact with you. JB, i don't see the right side of the blog either...maybe it's because she's on the other side. Enjoy your time with MLM and we can't wait to meet him. Take Care
Anna F-G

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Hello from Austin Texas! Glad to hear that all is going well. Having been to Kaz twice by myself, and I can totally vouch for the importance of the internet! Welcome to the connected world. All the best, Susan

sue and craig said...

Hi Michele! So excited to finally hear that everything is okay! Can't wait to hear more about MLM! I bet his is just perfect!

Hopefully the jetlag goes soon!

Sally said...

Yea! Glad to see things are moving. Enjoy every moment because all too soon this part will seem to have happened soooo long ago. Sally