Friday, November 26, 2010

A Roller Coaster of a Day

During the night and in the early morning we got a ton of rain, you cannot imagine the lake sized puddles that have sprung up all over the place. I actually had to get up to investigate the sound of the rain as it was so different to what I'm use to. But J, I wasn't worried about the basement flooding LOL!
Today was our first day at the newly renovated baby house and it was suppose to be the day that MLM saw the international doctor.
The baby house was so nice and shiny and you could smell the fresh paint. I was there with L and A and M and their new son and MLM. We had a nice little visit. A and L's son needs to be on the move at all times, MLM still wants lots of cuddling and needs more time to get comfortable before he becomes so active. It was a short visit, but very sweet. Afterwards L and I returned the boys to their new home. Wow they have one of those neat climbers in the room and lots of neat wooden toys. Neither of the boys were too happy with the idea of L and I leaving them, MLM never likes saying goodbye, and I think L's son knew that today was a little different for them.
While we were playing with the boys, I asked A and L's translator if she knew when I would be seeing the International doctor. Suddenly it seemed that there had been some misinformation and my coordinator had been told that my child did not need to be seen by the doctor. I knew this wasn't true, but it was hard to explain through the interpreter. They kept asking if I'd filled in the paper. Hello, this is international adoption, I've filled in TONS of paperwork. But yes, I'd done everything I'd been asked to fill in for the sponsorship of my child. But it seemed that it wasn't going to happen today. I was upset as it meant I'd have to wait for the doctor to come back and who knows how long that will be.
I was upset when I got back to the apartment, but then decided it couldn't be helped. I decided to go for a walk to help put things into perspective. MLM is doing wonderfully with me, we are finally at the renovated baby house and I should get a really room for bonding instead of a hallway, the afternoon was shaping up to be nice and sunny, and I'm in Kazakhstan a place and experience I've been dreaming of for 3 years. I decided that this wasn't even a set back just a little bump in the road. And then I went into a shop that sells yarn and I bought something.
As the evening turned out to be really nice, L asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with them. Absolutely I responded and we walked to the Atrium, and then back along one of the side streets. L showed me a store with beautiful traditional Kazakh crafts, I'll need to go back and investigate later. As we walked back to my apartment my cell phone rang, it was my coordinator, she'd arranged for the International doctor to see MLM. We raced back to my apartment and I went back to the Baby house.
The doctor is a lovely lady who speaks English. She examined MLM and reviewed his records and spoke to MLM's doctor. She wrote up the report and will send it off. Like me she has no major concerns for MLM and said how happy he seems to be with me already. So thanks to my coordinator for saving the day and making it all come right.
As I said it was a roller coaster of a day. Hope yours has been just as exciting!
And getting to spend time with MLM twice in the same day is a wonderful thing.
Okay, it is bed time for me now. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


Diane said...

I love when things work out the way they should :-)

Awesome, one more thing to check off the "to do" list before MLM comes home to Canada with his mama!!

Sheila said...

You have a wonderful postive attitude and for that
reason good things do happen! So glad that the doc was able to see him!
Hugs to you both!

Carrie said...

I just caught up on your blog today! It is so great to hear how well things are going. YLM sounds adorable and it is so wonderful hearing how well he is bonding to you so quickly!!! I remember the first time Aimee held up her arms to me too!!! There is NOTHING more precious!