Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa Claus Parade

Last Sunday Toronto held the 105th annual Santa Claus parade.

Now, I've lived in Toronto my entire life, and this was only the second time I've attended the parade. The first time was 2 years ago. I joined Diane and her daughter Ciera, Diane sister, and a friend of Diane and her daughter.

It was a cloudy and cool day. Not actually cold, sort of comfortable. It wasn't until the end of the afternoon that I began to feel cold.

There is a lot of waiting around, as you have to be there early to get a spot on the sidewalk. I actually was later than I'd planned as I lost track of time. But Diane and friends had found a great space on the sidewalk. The road is closed off hours before the parade actually passes and the children use sidewalk chalk to send messages to Santa and the marchers to stop in front of us.

A favourite of the parade is always the upside down clowns. Diane and her sister love the clowns. I have to admit I really like them too.

There were lots of marching bands and beautiful floats. Next year I hope to be there with my own little one. (Fingers crossed - not that that wasn't the thought I had 2 years ago when I attended the parade)

My camera is a Canon Powershot SD300, a Digital ELPH. It's nice and small and can fit in my pocket. At one of our Can-A-Kaz parties, someone mentioned they had a similar camera, but upgraded to a better one after adopting their child as the camera wasn't fast enough. I didn't understand until I tried to take pictures of the marchers at the parade.

Heck, the people are just walking and they come out all blurry. I guess I'll be looking for a new camera for myself for Christmas.

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Diane said...

Yup!! Just wait until you are trying to take a picture of a child moving....even my fast camera is not fast enought some days! Thanks for joining our annual trek to see the parade, hopefully we'll both have new little ones with us next year :-)