Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paperwork, Here I Come - AGAIN

Well, I heard back from my agency and I have to get a new Letter of Approval. That means an update with my adoption practitioner, new police clearances (both local and RCMP/Interpol) and medical. Once all the paperwork is done it could take up to 16 weeks to get the new Letter of Approval. Considering the local police clearance can take 6 weeks, this process could take me 22 weeks.
Supposedly, I could have gotten a 6 month extension, however the province stated that they couldn't issue an extension as I don't have my Letter of Invitation right now. So that means starting the paperwork again.
I have to tell you I hate this! It had better not take 5 or more months to get my Letter of Approval. I can just see me waiting to see which will come in first, my Letter of Approval or Invitation.

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