Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Carol Movie - Not for Little Ones

On Friday evening, as I wasn't picking my sister up from her group home, I decided to go the movies. My brother, Christine and I decided to see the new Christmas Carol movie.

We attended the 5 pm show. What a great time to go to the movies on a Friday evening. There were maybe 20 other people in the theater. We went to see it in 3D in IMAX. WOW, that is a great way to see the movie.

At the end of the movie, by brother turned to me and said he found it scary, I thought it was me because I'm quite the movie wimp. Because Jim Carey is the star, I expected it to be 'ha ha ha' funny. It isn't! I found the movie to be a great version of the Dickens story, I was scared by scenes and moved to tears by others. I just read the Sunday Independent news coverage for the movie and the sub heading said "Christmas has come early, and it's a thoroughly ghoulish affair". And it certainly was ghoulish. This is NOT a sentimental treatment of Victorian England. Oh, and dress warmly for the movie. I was SO cold watching it, as the movie is completely believable in it's coldness that you 'feel' cold.

Oh, and Jim Carey is wonderful in this movie. It is the Christmas Carol with Jim Carey, not the other way around. You totally forget that the actor playing Scrooge is Carey (for that matter, most of the movie is Carey, not that you get that until the credits).

Just a word of warning, don't take young children to see this movie. It does have some very frightening scenes, sensitive little ones might be overwhelmed . Or the little ones might not be able to follow the story. It relies on the telling of the story as much as on the 3D effects. A little one in our audience actually was very bored, as she didn't get it, and of course we could tell, luckily her parents bought her more popcorn to keep her quiet.

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