Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogs: How many is too many?

Blogs have been SO important to me as I've learned about the adoption process in Kazakhstan and in keeping me sane as I wait. I also, along the way discovered knitting blogs. They are a wonderful way of sharing my love of knitting and learning about this comsuming hobby. So it seemed natural to begin both a blog about my adoption journey and my knitting. However, somewhere along the line I started a third blog about my house. I guess somehow I'd separated my life into boxes and created blogs for each of the boxes.
Well, I've decided to do away with my home blog and I've deleted it. It's now gone. Hmmm, maybe I should have saved the entries first, oh well, it's not really gone for the next 90 days and then it will be really gone.
From now on I'll have a blog to keep track of my adoption and homelife (they are one and the same, right) and one for knitting.

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