Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sting of the Scorpio

I'm learning about life with a Scorpio child. This is a description I found here.

Scorpios are extremely strong-willed and powerful by nature. They know exactly who they are and that most people don't have the strength, knowledge, nor stamina to match their own.

They have a tendency to believe they were born with a crown on their heads and that they don't have to follow the rules that other people follow. They will laugh and mock you as you lay down the rules. You have to be strong and firm while teaching Scorpios that yes, the rules do apply to them too

Oh yes, this describes my little guy. He is totally strong-willed and bossy. He was only home a few weeks when I told him I was the boss. He barely spoke English and was still learning how to say his name yet but that didn't stop him from saying, "No, Danon the boss."

He has taken to screaming when he doesn't get his way, and he will throw things when he is displeased. I had tried time out a while ago, but I felt it was too hard on me and it took forever for Denis to stay on the time-out mat. Well I figure if he can tell that a king is missing from a drawing, he can understand time-out.

This evening, he was drinking from a regular water bottle and twice spilled water all over me and the couch. I told him that he wasn't using the bottle correctly and would have to drink from the red (no-drip) bottle. Denis was NOT pleased. He screamed so loud my ears are still recovering and threw the bottle across the room. So off to the bedroom for time-out.

In the past, I've used the technique of putting him back on the mat when he moved off. But it hurt my back and he decided it was a fun game. And as with the description of a scorpion, he has much greater stamina, we could play that game for over an hour. I've decided that he would have to put himself on the mat.

Prior to the water bottle incident I had told him that he'd be going to bed in about 30 minutes. I think he decided he would beat the bedtime by not getting on the mat. I told him that he had to sit on the mat for 3 minutes because he threw the water bottle, but he would be going to bed at 8 whether he sat on the mat or not. Then I sat in the room against the door (he'll walk out no problem otherwise) and then I began to read my book.

Oh, my lord, he had me struggling to not giggle. He was ever so cute trying to get my attention and make me laugh. He would repeatedly poke me (gently) or he would put his face between my nose and the book. He made faces and funny noises. It was a totally struggle not to laugh.

In the end, he didn't sit on the mat, he decided to just go to bed. I'm just glad he didn't push his luck and fight after I settled him into bed, after fighting a few little ones in my SK/Grade 1, I don't have the stamina for too much of Denis' fighting.

He must have been tired as he was asleep within 15 minutes of going to bed. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


dnd82001 said...

He sounds just like my Nicholas only Nicholas is not that sign??!! But they could be twins! I hate to say it but at almost 5 he still has the same traits.


Anonymous said...

My aquarious child is also like this. I think it could be quite typical of our little orphans. They are fierce little survivors who test out devotion to the Nth degree. Glad you are actually doing time-in as time-out is contrary to attachment. My stamina is also pretty thin at days end...older mamas have to work pretty smart! Take care, Sally