Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today, Denis and I went skating for the second time. Wish I had photos, but the city has a by-law that you can't take photos in their spaces. It's a good by-law as the purpose is to protect the children but I'd love to have had a photo of him his first time skating at the rink.

What a difference a week makes, not skating wise, but weather wise. Last week, Loretta and I tried to take the boys out to an outdoor rink, but because of the above freezing temperatures the ice was too soft and no one was allowed to skate. This week it is too cold to skate outdoors because the said rink is totally exposed to the wind, and it is cold with the wind.

Instead, for the past two weeks, I've been out to a city rink. On Sundays, between 1:30 and 2:30 they have a toddler and caregiver skate time. It is so nice to be on the rink with other beginners and not to worry about the speed demons with no concern for the safety of others.

I have been holding Denis' hands and helping to keep him up. The first day he was willing to try and skate on his own because he believed he could do it, only he kept moving his feet way to fast and falling. This week he is so much steadier and moving so much better, but he thinks he'll fall so he wouldn't let go of my hands. I also think he was much more tired this week.

He has a great nap on Sundays after skating, but there is a problem, I'm so tired after skating I can barely stay awake and I don't get to enjoy the 'free' time to do stuff around the house while he's asleep. Ah well, who needs a clean kitchen floor anyway?

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Diane said...

Love the new look, my blog also needs a new looks (oh right and I need to post to it more often!), we'll have to chat as you seem more blog savvy than me!!!

Interesting about the by-law, we took a ton of pictures of Tienna's first skating and we take tons at hockey too. Our by-law, I beleive, is just for the pool and the changerooms (for obvious reasons).

And don't you love seeing the manners! Tienna says excuse me to Dawson as she tries to get around him!!!