Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mr Polite

Denis is a really polite child. It amazes me how quickly he says 'please' and he always says 'thank you', even for things I wouldn't normally think would need a 'thank you'.

As his English/talking skills improved, Denis started saying 'Thank you much". It struck me as very strange. Then I heard myself one day, I always say, "Thank you so much" but I tend to swallow the 'so'. I guess Denis doesn't really hear it. That will teach me to speak clearer at all times.

On Christmas Eve, Denis demonstrated how to be really polite. I had to go grocery shopping and anyone with a child knows grocery shopping with a 3 year old is never easy, and shopping on Christmas Eve can be a nightmare. To say the least I was not looking forward to the experience.

To prepare, or should I say survive, I'd purchased an iced gingerbread cookie for Denis, just like me he loves those things. I figured I could get most of the shopping done while he ate. And I brought what Denis calls the medium stroller (an umbrella stroller), as long as he was sitting I'd be able to sort of whip around the store. Luckily we didn't need much and I had reusable bags to load up as we shopped.

Unfortunately half way through the expedition Denis decided he not only wanted to walk, but he wanted to push the stroller. To avoid a major meltdown when I had just a little shopping to complete and knowing it was well past nap time I consented but I reminded Denis to stay very close to me and to move very slowly. At least with the medium stroller he can actually see over it. I was ever so thankful that he actually listened and did what I asked.

But as we moved into the meat / deli section there was a group of people chatting and Denis found he couldn't get past. Denis said 'Excuse me', and then waited a moment but nothing happened. Before I could help out Denis pulled on the coat of the man standing in his way and said, 'Man, I said scuse me!" The man jumped out of the way apologizing. Denis walked past saying 'Thank you much man." and off he went. Boy was I proud and amazed by his behaviour.

The adults he'd interrupted looked amazed too and complimented me on his manners. As I frequently do, I marveled that this wonderful little guy is mine to raise.

Thank you for dropping in on our little blog. LOL

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