Friday, January 6, 2012

Got Skates Ready to Play Hockey

Today I bought Denis a pair of skates. He tried them out in the living room.

It is really a good thing I hate the living room carpet as Denis bounced and jumped around in the skates.

Now he has skates he has declared that he is ready to play hockey.


Diane said...

well duh...of course he is ready to play hockey!!!! I HIGHLY recommend the "learn to play hockey" vs. skating lessons, for several reasons...the padded equipment helps on the falls and holding the hockey stick seems to keep thier minds off the fact that they are actually skating!!!

Lori @ Five of My Own said...

Loving these pics. I have some almost just like them from 18 years ago when my oldest got his first pair of skates.

Have fun.

BTW I agree with Diana. The learn to play hockey programs are great...the kids learn much faster in that program than the learn to skate programs