Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Christmas Party

Last night, Denis and I attended a Christmas party hosted by a childhood friend. It was Denis' first house party and first Christmas party.

I had Kathryn home for the day (we are still recovering from the flu and colds and I'm just not up to having her for longer). After dinner I got us all changed and out the door in less than 20 minutes. I told Denis that we couldn't talk about the party in front of Aunt Ka as she loves parties but she couldn't come with us. He never said the word party while she was with us. As we drove to the group home, I told Denis that he'd stay in the car while I took Aunt Ka up to the house. He got very upset. I asked what was the problem and he quickly and clearly said that he wanted run up the ramp (there is a ramp at the group home entrance). Wow, it is amazing how his language skills have improved. So I agreed that he could get out of the car and run up and down the ramp. He LOVED it, what to be surprised by, my little guy loves running at all times.

The party was great fun. Denis met many of my childhood friends for the first time, and I ran into many people I know from my former job. It is amazing how small the world and how interconnected we can be.

Denis has only visited 2 other families in their homes, and this was the first back split (my house is a bungalow and the other houses were both 2 story houses). Denis loved going up and down the stairs, all the stairs. He also loved how there was candy in all sorts of places in the house, he has such great candy radar.

The party was held in memory of my friend's daughter who suddenly passed away 8 years ago in her sleep at the age of 2 and a half. They raise money for a children's charity though craft sales, donations, silent auction and raffle.

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