Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Whole Year Later

It was a year ago today that the judge said "Da" and I knew that I was to be Denis' mother.

I was so anxious as I stood in front of the judge. I'd tried to memorize the speech I'd been given with it's awkwardly translated phrases. I have NO problem talking, but I am not good at following a script. I'd had nightmares about that speech, only to have the judge cut me short and outright ask me questions to get at the heart of the matter. What a relief!

I had to wait 5 hours for the judge to give her judgement. I really thought that I would learn the judgement right away, I was so startled by the delay. My team was confident that everything would be alright, but I was a little worried.

Then, finally it was time to stand again in front of the judge to hear what she had decided. It was so anti-climatic. She'd agreed to the adoption application and the request to change Denis' name and to list me as the mother on his birth certificate. And then I was done and could go. Wow. All those years of waiting, and with a simple statement my dreams had come true.

After the judge's decision I was able to go to the baby house to see Denis. I remember he was so interested in my legs as it was the only day I wore a skirt while in Kazakhstan.

My day ended with a trip to a beautiful church. My driver was there to arrange his daughter's baptism. It was so worth the detour on my journey back to my apartment.
The memories of my time in Kazakhstan are so amazing. I can't believe that it happened, but the proof is sleeping down the hall.

It was a year ago today, wow! Good memories baby. We continue to make such great memories each and every day.

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Anonymous said...

The first one is gone in a blink! At 5 1/2+ I can not believe how fast my boy is growing up. He used to be about knee high and now he is well past my elbow! I am so glad dreams do come true!