Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thoughts of Them

I often think about the children in Denis' group that are still in the baby house.

There were 8 in his group when they moved back into Baby House 1. By the time I left to return Denis in January there were 5 left, including Denis. When I returned there were just 2 that I recognized and 8 new children.

So, what has happened to those children. Did they get adopted, collected by their families or moved to another room. And where are they now?

I especially think of these two, (picture removed as I don't have the right to publish their photos) Artomb and Anna(I spelt his name phonetically).

He was the little boy who I gave the first pair of shoes I bought Denis but were miles too big (he's just growing into that size now). Artomb's face completely lit up, I don't believe he'd ever had anything new or his before. Must mention, they were not in his cubby weeks later, who knows where the shoes went.

And Anna, she fell one very cold and icy day when we were walking outside. It was a hard fall right onto her face. She picked herself up, wiped her own face and kept going. When I made to help her she looked at me as if I was strange. At the age of 2 she didn't look for comfort and/or help as they were completely foreign to her.

Neither of these two talked much, like Denis when he was in the home. And I don't believe anyone visited them. They were the only 2 left in the room when I returned last February to collect Denis. I think about them daily. I hope they are healthy and happy.

Their faces haunt me, I just wish I could have done more/ do more for them.


Jo said...

What I realized about children in Kaz orphanages are that not all of them are adoptable because they have a relative that comes to visit them once every 6 months. It's very unfortunate for the children that their relatives can not let them go. Dennis is one of the fortunate ones. I wish you all the best in the New Year.

Diane said...

I know how you feel, there are several babies from Tienna's group I think of ALOT and one of them is in the "category" mentioned by Jo, it breaks my heart as in the 7 weeks I was there no one came to visit them. I so would have brought this little girl home too!!!!

BTW you are post happy latley...puts me to shame!