Friday, December 30, 2011

Super Mom

The other night, as I was in the kitchen making a pot of tea after putting my sister to bed, I could hear Denis and my brother in the living room talking.

Denis wanted my brother and I to watch Thomas the Train on his DVD with him. As my brother went to join Denis on the couch he was told in no uncertain terms that the couch was off limits to him. My brother pretended to cry saying he was very sad. Denis told my brother not to worry, Mommy would be in soon and would give Un-con (Denis' version of Uncle John) a hug and Un-con would feel better (I must point out Denis never offered to allow my brother a seat on the couch though).

So when I came into the room I had to give my brother a hug (Yuck). And then Denis said, "See you feel better now.

My hugs are legendary, at least to Denis. How great is that!

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