Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halloween and Birthday

My first day back to work was Halloween. What a great (not) day to start back to work in a classroom. I have a senior kindergarten/grade 1 this year. Halloween is big and very loud at this age.

Denis was Woody from Toy Story, he has watched the first 2 movies over and over. I thought he could relate to the image. He kept saying he was a cowboy and pretending to ride a horse all over the place.

After work, Denis and I joined Loretta and Alex for trick-or-treating out in their neighbourhood. Denis LOVED trick-or-treating, he was upset that I wouldn't let him sit down on the steps of each house and eat the candy he'd just received.

2 days later it was Denis' 3rd birthday. I had planned a simple party with Denis, my brother and myself. Unfortunately Un-con was stuck at school writing report cards. I had set up the table with the cake prior to picking Denis up from day care, so it wasn't like I could delay. We celebrated more when his uncle came home.

I had planned a party at a fun house for Denis 2 weeks later. Unfortunately Denis and I came down with the flu 2 days piror to the party and we had to cancel the party. I've actually rebooked with the fun house to have the party in February to celebrate Denis being home for a year. The party in February was Loretta's idea, this way I don't lose my deposit.

The some total of my illnesses since returning to work (less than a month ago) are a cold, 2 solid weeks with pink eye which I caught from a student, and the above mentioned flu. Really what a great year I have ahead, wonder how many more times I'll be sick. Denis gets better SO much faster than I do.

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