Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and Aunt Kathryn's Birthday

October has so far been a very busy month and we've had Aunt Kathryn home for two visits.

The first visit was for Thanksgiving. Kathryn was home for 2 nights that weekend. The weather here in Toronto was remarkable on Thanksgiving with temperatures in the near 30 C.

We shared a wonderful dinner, if as the cook I do say so myself, on the Saturday evening. Turkey is the usual fare for Thanksgiving, but roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is the favourite in my family.After dinner Denis insisted on doing the dishes. Hmm, I am raising a lovely child. Now, just to figure out how to keep him doing the dishes when he's a teenager.That Sunday I brought Kathryn out to mass and back to her group home. And in the evening Denis and I joined my cousin Donnie and Chantalle at their new house for a wonderful turkey dinner. Denis especially loved running in and out the balcony doors.

This evening we celebrated my sisters 47th birthday. I always find marking her birthday to be so bittersweet as 7 years ago I packed up her belongings and helped her move into her group home. It is hard allowing someone else to care for Kathryn, but she is ever so wonderfully cared for at the home. And I always remind myself that it is because of the group home I was able to adopt Denis, as I could never have considered adopting if I was Kathryn's full time caregiver.

Here is a picture Denis took of his aunt and I. It is a wonderful picture.October 31 is fast approaching and that will be my first day back at work. What a great day to start in a Senior Kindergarten /Grade 1 class. I will have a great day and that evening I will be taking Denis out for his first trick-or-treating. It should be fun.

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amanda vigale said...

looks like everyone had a great time Denis is getting so big where does the time go?.
Thanks for the update and great pictures!!!!