Friday, October 28, 2011

First Concert

With less than 2 months of daycare under his belt, Denis was in his first concert yesterday. His daycare had their annual general meeting and to get the parents to attend the meeting all the children perform at the beginning. It was so cute.

Denis` group sang two songs. Denis didn`t sing, no he yelled `Hi Mom` coughed into this elbow and then made sure to tell me that he`d remembered to cough into his elbow and not his hand, complained that the girls on either side of him had held his hands during the chorus, and then he waved at me.

I was SO proud. Actually, his daycare worker and I weren`t sure that he`d even stay up with his group for the song. He did well all things considered.

Denis` daycare is actually the satellite daycare from the main daycare. At his site there are only 20 children from ages two and half to 5. The main site has the over 80 children from two and half to 12. When Denis enters the 1st grade he`ll actually go to the other site for before and after care. They walk from one school to the other at the beginning and end of the day.

I hope he has a good day today as he was one tired puppy this morning. He hasn`t quite developed the stamina for the entire week at daycare just yet. By Wednesday evenings he shows signs of exhaustion and tries harder and harder the next 2 morning to convince me that we should stay home. It has been so hard not to give it to him as I`m still on leave, but come Monday that all stops and I`ll be back at work full time.

Not that I haven`t been going to me school for many days already. I realized yesterday on my drive home from my school that I`ve already put in more than a full week at school. Teaching, the job where you regularly work for days without pay at the beginning of the school year and then spend your own money on things for the classroom. I tried to limit how much I spent this year, but the class is new so there really isn`t any equipment or toys for the senior kindergarten students, so I`ve been to the dollar stores, Costco and IKEA. It only became a SK class at the end of September or I`d have spent the summer going to yard sales.

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