Monday, January 11, 2010

RCMP / Interpol Clearance Rock

As I'm updating my paperwork for the provincial approval, it made sense to update the paperwork I'd need to have current for court. That meant also doing the Interpol/RCMP clearance.

I had planned to go and get fingerprinted during the Christmas holidays, but it was never the right day. I was trying to make it into a family outing as both my brother and I need clearance as we share the house and my sister was home for the holidays. But, it never seemed to be the right day to go. The last 3 times I've had my prints taken, I've had to wait a very long time in the office waiting my turn. My sister can be patient, but it must be a really good day, and frankly her good days didn't coordinate with our other plans.

As I'm meeting with my social worker this weekend to update my home study, I decided that last week was the latest we could go and get printed. I got a chance after work on Wednesday to go by the office. I brought my knitting and gave myself an hour and half before I'd have to leave to make my chiropractic appointment.

Well I was very happily surprised. I was the ONLY person in the office. I was able to immediately pay for the prints and then get printed. Then the computer accepted every single one of my prints the first time. That has never happened as usually it takes multiple attempts for each finger.

When I was finished, I was chatting with the nice retired police officers who run the office about their hours, so that I could share that information with my brother, and they told me he didn't need to come in as his prints would still be in the computer. 2 seconds later they called up his prints and sent the request off to Ottawa.

And the best part is today I received both letter of clearance. They said when I was in the office that the RCMP now have a 72 hour turn around for sending off the letter, but it must have been put in the mail on Thursday, the day it was printed. That's less than 24 hour turn around.

That is the fastest aspect of this whole journey.

RCMP office, you people rock.


D and A said...

Love the photo. As an American, I have to say I think the RCMP is pretty cool.

Diane said...

Awesome, ya gotta love the RCMP...local police check not so much but the RCMP has come thru for me in days every single time!!

Now hopefully your update gets written in record time!