Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Study Update

I had my appointment with my social worker to up date my home study. It was really fast and totally painless, so why have I been in a tizzy all week????? I even vacuumed the underside of the carpet runner down the hall. I drove my brother right around the bend cleaning the house for the visit, and we sat in the kitchen for the entire time. Well, at least my house is REALLY clean now.

The paperwork with a home study is unbelievable. The social worker has a file about an inch thick and I have a file 1/2 inch thick. I had to give her my brother's reference letter, the medical form, and my local police check. My local police check arrived on Thursday, unfortunately my brother's hasn't arrived yet, hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. As we talked, my social worker said she realized I'd, well we'd, never had a Children's Aid screening done, so more paperwork.

Hopefully the finished update will be ready to send to my agency later this week. And then it will VERY slowly go through the channels until I get my Letter of Approval. I've heard rumors to the fact that the process is taking over 6 months. When my LOI arrives, and if my home study hasn't been approved they'll expedite it. I stating it here and now, I want my LOI in much less than 6 months. There I said it, and as Jean-Luc would say, "Make it so."


Diane said...

Funny I recall for my first home study vist making the house spotless (I even tidied the medicine cabinet!), the last couple I admit it was tidy but not white glove clean....and I imagine the next one...well let's just say parts will be tidy!!

Awesome now though that you have a sparkling clean house, nothing like a clean slate to get you going with your other chores.

Hope your Childrens Aid screening comes back fast, but I don;t know if they need that to send it in do they?

sue and craig said...


We have been anxiously waiting some good LOI news from you (and Diane). We are hoping it comes a lot sooner than 6 months. You have been waiting too long already, and deserve to be close to boarding a plane to meet your child.
All the best,

Sue, Craig, Hannah and Nickolas