Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Predictions from Patterns

I think I might travel in March.

All throught the process of this adoption I keep looking for patterns to help in predicting the future. If the LOI was issued after the dossier was in country for X number of months then I should be receiving my LOI in Y month, etc. I'm constantly checking blogs and updates looking for information to make my predictions. This is really a useless past time. There really isn't a pattern. Even when two families from the same country arrive in Kazakhstan on the same day their experiences can end up being completely different.

Even though I know this is a useless past time, I still spend countless hours a week collecting information to make and check my predictions. As I stated earlier, I'm hoping for a March LOI at the moment.

But then tonight I read where someone also hoping for an LOI in the near future was told that it may not arrive until September. Okay, that's a pattern I'm not even looking into, I'm going to ignore that little piece of info and hope that my predictions are better.

I'm think I might travel in March.


qmiller said...

Hoping that you are right...would be a great time to travel!!!

sue and craig said...


March is a great month, and beautiful in Almaty. I know you would prefer to go where others are going at the same time, but I can honestly say that Almaty is fabulous and has some very beautiful babes. I am not biased of course!
Lots of fun things to do in Almaty. If you want I will send you an invite to our blog and you can see pics and read our adventures in Almaty. Email me at
Looking forward to some good news soon,

Sue, Craig, Hannah and the Almaty cutie---Nickolas!

lisa said...

Hi Michele, I am just discovering your blog...I think we think alike! I see signs and look for patterns too! I was with another agency in 2008-2009, my paperwork came back...actually everyones paperwork came back. Very sad. I am with a new agency and my paperwork is at the MFA. Yeah! I feel good about it this time and I think March would be a great month for you and I to travel!! Lisa

Baby Kaz Moore said...

That's awesome. I was in Petropavlovsk in May 2008. It was a lot of fun to see the season change from winter to spring. It'll be here before you know it.

D and A said...

I guess we're all a little nuts - I do the same thing. How else can we predict what we so desperately want to much longer??

Diane said...

I hope you are right too...although we are all driving ourselves insane trying to figure it out. I keep telling myself and others that I am living in 3 week increments right now, I don't plan anything out further than 3 weeks if it involves a major committment or cash!

Look on the bright side you are not travelling when it's -50C in Kaz!!!