Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adoption Metaphor

I am a knitter. So it was the most natural thing in the world to begin a sweater for a baby when I began this journey to motherhood through adoption.

In September of 2005 when I began my journey (5 years ago) I purchased this pattern and some lovely bubbly yarn to make a sweater for a toddler. And I began the sweater as I investigated my options and checked out agencies.

Eventually, I decided that journey would take me to the Republic of Kazakhstan simple because I love the idea of the bonding period. 2 weeks of small periods of time when the baby gets to keep everything normal except the time with me. How simple child friendly and humane! I began the paperchase and my home study and I would work on this sweater.

Now, I like to knit a lot, and I knit for different reasons, to try a new pattern, to make a gift, to use a new yarn, or even to wear myself (go figure). So this sweater was picked up and work on and then put down and forgotten, in many ways just like the paper chase for the dossier.

As I get close to receiving my LOI I decided it was time to finish this sweater so I can bring it to Kazakhstan for my child to wear. I thought I had quite a bit to do to finish it, but this is what I discovered All the knitting is complete and all it needs is to sewn together.

Is that not a metaphor for the international adoption process. All the work of the home study, paper chasing/notarizing/ authenticating/ approving/ dossier travel is done, and now my adoption just has to be sewn together to actually become a parent by meeting a son/daughter to be.

I now remember why I didn't sew the sweater together earlier, I can't find the ball of the variegated yarn used as the trim. The bubbly yarn is impossible to sew with, I do remember that wonderful experience.

On Thursday I went out and bought a new ball of yarn to sew the sweater together. Then I'll use the yarn to knit a hat to go with the sweater.

Time to get this sweater and this adoption journey sewn up.


Diane said...

aw, that's very sweet, I love the whole concept, very in life just waiting for all the parts to be sewn together.

Ah an how fir the word verification is "joying"

while not technically a word it does start with JOY!!!

Dean and Janie said...

Amen! Best Wishes! Janie