Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Name's Not Murphy

Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? It's not generally known in Ireland, however, it states that if it can go wrong it will go wrong. Well, let me tell you a tale about redoing my paperwork for my provincial approval.

I need a local police clearance for my provincial approval. I knew this the moment I knew I need to update my home study. My local police take a LONG time to do a clearance for adoption, from 4 to 6 weeks. As I want to have my paperwork for the update done as quickly as possible, I kept asking for the forms to request the police check.

A week ago Sunday I finally got my AP to give me my police clearance (up to that point I think she believed I'd be able to get an extension). When I collected my form, it was just that, my form. There was none for my brother who also requires a police check as he lives in the same house. I call my AP, remind her I need another form, and the next day collect the form.

At that point, of course I've misplaced the first form. (If it can be done, it will be done.) It took me a few days, but finally I located it. I wasn't it a great rush as I ended up working way across town and would not be able to go to the central police station to deliver the forms.

Today I was able to go downtown. I went during lunch. I stood in line for 20 minutes. Got to the counter and ...oh... the AP didn't sign one of the forms. I'm required to take the form back to the AP to get her to sign it.

I pay for my check. Go back to work fuming. Leave work. Drop off form at AP's place (I'm lucky that she actually lives relatively close to me) and leave a rather peeved message on her phone. Not impolite because it isn't in my nature, but abrupt.

AP calls, totally apologetic, explains what happened but explaining and taking responsibility. As an apology she offers to deduct $50 from the cost of my update. I thought that was reasonable. And then she quotes an amount $200 more than she'd told me the month before. HUH.

Anyway, everything will come right. I will have the signed form in my hands tomorrow morning. I will go downtown again tomorrow after work and stand in line for however long it takes. I will take my brother's ID with me to prove that he is who I say he is. (He is always who I say he is, cause I'm the boss LOL). And then, cause I don't believe in negativity. I'm going to have some fun shopping downtown. I might even treat myself to dinner downtown.

And I will only be paying the original amount for the update minus $50 dollars.

Just remember, my names isn't Murphy. This shouldn't be happening to me. Right?!

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Janet said...

Sounds about standard to me for adoption.

On the Police Check front, I was told I'd have to wait 6 working weeks, or something, but when I phoned in to the police station and explained it was for adoption, they turned it around within 24 hours. You won't lose anything by asking. J.