Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter's First Appearance

Winter arrived in Toronto this week. The rest of Canada is wondering if we need the army to help out. Come on, it was one time and that's after 100cm of the white stuff fell in 3 days, we needed help that year (1999).

The weather up till now has been very mild. I was wearing a fall coat even on Saturday last week. Some days in November were so warm people were dining on outdoor patio during the day.

Well, the white stuff fell for the first time Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It was that heavy wet stuff. And then it rained later in the day. Now it is a solid icy mess. The streets are narrower as they were not plowed and now there are icy ridges on both sides of the road. Winter driving, hmm maybe I SHOULD have already had my winter tires put on the car. Wonder what my mechanic is doing next week?

Last night I was downtown for a taping of the Royal Canadian Air Farce's New Year Eve's special. We had to walk from the subway to the CBC building. Downtown planning is so well thought out, not! WIND TUNNELS when the temp is way below 0 Celsius, and the wind chill factor is in the teens, bad planning. As we walked and grumbled last night, I actually had to remind myself that I do love winter. 4 years without regular yard duty has made me a wimp. Another reason I need to get back into the classroom.

Have a great weekend all. I'm enjoying Lawrence Welk right now. All is right with the world.

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