Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy Week on the Blog

It's been a busy week on the blog. In fact it has been a busy few months.

Back in June, I put Site Meter onto my blog. At the time I wasn't sure if anyone was actually reading my blog. I know my blog is listed on Lots of Kaz Blogs and I use that blog to find and get updates on lots of blogs that I follow, but get this.

Since I started the Site Meter in June I've had 1256 visits to my blog. WOW!

This week alone I've had 80 visits.

Hey, that's great and weird at the same time. I have survived most of this incredibly challenging wait by reading others' blogs. I have learned ever so much by reading the day to day experiences of both waiting families, families in Kaz, and the families finally at home.

I have to admit, in the beginning I read the blogs without leaving a comment. I didn't actually know the writers, so it felt intrusive to leave a message. Comments seemed to be from people the authors knew.

What I didn't realize at the time, that exchanging comments is how we all get to know each other. We have this wonderful Internet community of families in different stages struggling through the ups and downs of international adoption.

I'm ever so lucky, as I leave in an area where there are lots of families adopting from Kazakhstan. We have 2 to 3 parties a year, where we get together amazed at how the children have grown, meet the new children with their proud mamas and papas, and encourage the waiting families that the LOI will actually come for them. So I know many families in real life. I also belong to a group of single moms who are adopted or adopting from Kaz. And there is a group of families that we try to get together for play dates and our commonality is international adoption.

But, it is in the Internet group that helps to keep me going. While reading a blog post about a successful day in court, with tears pooling in my eyes, I think about my own experiences to come. I marvel at the posted pictures of the children and how they blossom each day as the bonding progresses and they begin to feel safe with their new parents, and I consul myself to see the bright bubbly child waiting to emerge. Reading the ups and downs, at home waiting or in country bonding, I learn and prepare myself as best as possible for the reality and challenge this process can be at times.

So, today, when you read my blog, drop me a comment so I know that you are there. And let me know what your there is all about. Where in the world do you live? What stage of adoption are you presently grappling with?

So, Hi there, I'm Michele, and you are...


D and A said...

Hi Michele - you just posted to our blog and now I am posting back. We are in the US and are waiting for our LOI. Have you gotten your region yet? I liked your last post. It is so helpful to be able to communicate with others - isn't it amazing how many of us there are? Best wishes to you!

Martin, Marie- Claude et Yerlan said...

Hi Michele!!!
We read your blog every week... and we can't wait to read your post *live* from Kazakhstan :-)
See you soon......
Best wishes xxxx
Martin, Marie- Claude and Yerlan (Almaty, KZ)...... waiting for LOI to meet our beautiful Kaz baby in Karaganda!

PS: Do you know where(region) your dossier have been sent?

qmiller said...

Hi Michele--I'm single mom to my daughter from Almaty who is now 6, although we met when she was 8 months. I live in the States and have been reading your blog weekly. Are you part of the Single Kaz Moms group? (Would love to meet you and your little one at any upcoming annual get togethers!!) I'm looking forward to reading about your journey! Quaintance

J said...

Hi Michele,

I am also a single mom in Canada. I finally adopted a 4 yr old girl from Kaz in 2009, after 2 previous disasterous Kaz attempts in 2005 and 2007.
I could not blog myself as it was way too uncertain and painful at the time....but having been thru the gamet 3 times, I feel addicted to following everyone else's journey!!
Each time I felt my LOI would never arrive, but it did. Take heart. I wish you well on your journey.

Diane said...

You know me already :-), although we email and talk I still check in on your blog occasionally to see what you have written!!!!

You are right, I have met a great many people thru blogs and emails, some I have met in person and some not, I do have one friend in the US who I "met" thru email and she was such a great support thru my first adoption and then when we finally met, it was kinda surreal!!