Friday, March 23, 2012

Those Dreaded Words

"I don't like you no more!"

Yup, I heard those dreaded words yesterday. I wondered how I would deal with Denis actually saying this or 'I hate you'. I never thought I'd break out into laughter.

Last night at bed time Denis was playing with my brother and not at all happy with me making him go to bed. As I carried him to bed he shout, "I don't like you no more!" and as I said I started laughing, and I began to tickle him saying "You don't like me, huh". He quickly started laughing with me. Crisis averted.

It wasn't the first time he's actually said something like in that variety. The day before Denis told me that my brother was his best friend (a favourite phrase of his these days). I asked Denis who I was, and he started laughing saying I was 'bad Mommy'. The kid is such a funny guy.

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